Netzwerk Terror LAN: A Look Back

Holy shit, I must be coming down with an illness as I post back-to-back Gaming pieces on T6F. I happened upon our old LAN web site by mistake. I can’t even remember what I was looking for or how I stumbled upon it. But using the “way back machine” I was able to find much of our old LAN news from Netzwerk Terror.

This WAS a time when gaming was enjoyable and the games were still worth a shit, unlike now. Quakeworld, Quake and Quake 2, as well as some wonderful mods for Quake 2 including CTF, Rocket Arena, Action Quake and Chaos-Mod, just to name a few. Who can forget the hours of pre-LAN racing using the latest and greatest pirated software courtesy of dEucE or Dr. Frag.

I see my first LAN event was dated “11.21.98” and took a fourth place finish the next week in the 2nd (monthly) NT Quake II Tournament. Good friends. Good gaming. And good grog! Of course as things go, the LAN eventually moved out of the one bedroom apartment, where we crammed 24 games into the bedroom, living room and kitchen to Tony’s PC Parlor that could hold at least twice as many gamers and a $10 fee was introduced to help offset renting the room for the weekend. Although Mimi and dEucE would always accept donations on a weekly basis.

Things started to go downhill at this point. The gaming had moved on post-Quake 2 and Quake III: Arena was not all it was cracked up to bed. The game mods were not as enjoyable as their predecessors in Quake 2. Not sure why. Maybe it was just bound to change as newer technology and pretty graphics replaced solid game play. Sorry, but the game play for Quake III was shit. Q2 had much better playability.

Why dwell on the past? Oh yeah, that was when games had game play and were not just a fancy box with a hefty price tag and pretty graphics. Guess it was better I moved on and decided to retire from any sort of online gaming. Too many changes. I guess some things are better left unchanged.

Map Rotations, Bot&Jumps

A small milestone today, finally reached 1000 hits on my site, since I have had a counter on it for less then a month. Kinda cool. I have dropped a map rotation to [NT]dEucE for the LAN today: urban, c_town2*, cliff2, rhcity*, actcity2, murder*, lighthouse, cheyenne* and urban3 (* indicate never been played maps). It is always hard trying to get people to give new maps a try. With the exception of Cheyenne, the other three maps are excellent. The forum is now open, hosted by TopForums and accessible on the initial page. Topics are not limited, so feel free to drop a topic. I will respond to all messages. Also, I am in the process of acquiring a few demos which I found outstanding. Read up on the latest information regarding the Action Quake Bot over at CGF. Finally, I was over at Stunt Double and I’ll be damned if I cannot reproduce any of those jumps as see on Urban.

Format CHange&More Hosting Rumors

Time for more empty promises? I surely hope not. But there are a few maps currently in review. And I have a couple of articles, I am putting together to share with all the 6th Floor readers. Hopefully by the weekend, I can get all the information I need. Finally our local LAN is back up and running again. As I mentioned, our host was gone to Germany for a few weeks. Anyways, I have changes how the Daily Rant page works. Only the current month will be viewable from this page. All previous months will be found in the Archives. The link is located at the top of this page. I think it will work a easier for everyone. And, as I mention a few days ago, I may have a few options available to me for getting the 6th Floor hosted. Both are BIG gaming sites as I said. Nothing has really been set, just talking to a few people. I kind of like keeping this small and unofficial. No pressure, just me and my website. But, we’ll see how it all works out.

Daily Rant – May 09

It has been kind of quiet in the Action Quake community, but nonetheless, there is always something to report. First, some good news from Ant, it seems he has Ant Farm’s AQ2 Movie Set up and running again, under a different name. SnipeNet Cinemas owned by [CM]mikey is up and running the same type of server that was located over at mccarty.dynip. It also seems, [20ID]God Incarnate is working on a new version of Lighthouse 2. We look forward to its release. Still no word from the_HUNTER or Scuzzy on their latest releases, but I hear both are still in the works. It may be another week to ten days before I get some more maps reviewed. dEucE, the host of NT Clan LAN is on a short vacation, so there is no official Quaking until the 29th of this month. I’ll have to continue updating current maps with more relevant information. And finally, I am an official member of The Action Quake 2 Webring.

Daily Rant – April 12

Diabolus provided me with my left sidebar this morning while I was at work. I have been here for the past few hours, giving my site a new look. I hope it look much improved. There will be more changes to follow. Also, over at The Map Zone, Shagg included this in his daily update, “I came across a site that does independent reviews for Action maps; Oswald’s Sixth Floor, worth checking out. (I’ll have a button as soon as Oswald makes one.).” And this other tidbit about NT Clan and dEucE, “Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the Netzwork Terror lan party. dEucE, who hosts the event every Saturday, manages to fit 17 comps in an apartment. I’m told that Action is one of the mods that they play frequently. One of the regulars there has mentioned a mall map that he did. Sounds pretty cool as he went all out on the map, working from mall building plans and running photos of the store signs through photoshop for literally hundreds of custom textures. As soon as I can get a hold of it I will pass it on to everybody else.”