Busy Day with Updates

It has been quite a productive day, as I have been updating, interviewing and reviewing for The 6th Floor. I followed Death Magnet’s thoughts regarding The CLQ’s top Action Quake 2 maps. Now, on the main page, there will be a list of the Top Ten Action Quake 2 Maps. This will continuously be updated to reflect any change in map ranking. This will hopefully help answer that nagging question of, “Which maps are most popular?” and “Which maps should I download?” You must remember that not all servers will be running these maps exclusively, but this should give most players a base map file on which to build.I also was able to interview two mappers today. The first interview was with Gerbil! of the Urban series. You should be able to see this interview in a few days. Since he has moved on to Half Life: Counterstrike, he is most likely not going to make any more maps for Action Quake 2. The other author, is a relative new comer to Action mapping, that being, Squirrel, who lives in Finland. His most recent submission, Loveboat should be released in coming days. if you have not checked this map out, head over the ‘Test Maps’ under ‘New Action Maps’ and download it. Looks to be a very promising map.I have also updated the ‘Action Map Reviews’ to reflect what I am currently working on. Those maps include Aggression by KaRRiLLioN =AR=, Longfall by Kristian Berg, which is still in testing, Trainer by SGT Sneaky and Asylum by Holy Goat. I should have outlast two finished by tomorrow, one which is Aggression City, the other, I am undecided as of yet.I have also added the Q2 Plugin, which is available for The 6th Floor Action Quake 2 Team Play Server. The ip address is It should be up and running on a regular basis, of course right now, I am receiving “bad address.” If you want to check the action out, give it a try. We are still working out some minor details. Expect good things come Saturday.We are into hours now, waiting in anticipation for Action Half Life. I have thought it over and I will be reviewing Action Half Life maps. It will probably take a bit of extra time to get everything up and going, so don’t expect much right away. There are 10 maps included in the download. We will see how this goes and attempt to begin reviews from there.

Links Fixed&Review Released

Since there is a continuous pounding outside my house, and I have only been up all night, I spent most of the morning cleaning up my site. I have fixed all the links on the individual map reviews and the reviews page. They are now all linked to Telefragged with the except of Riot: Gangbang and Ctown2. As a temporary solution, I have those two maps available at The 6th Floor. Just click on them from the review section and you can download them. I have also began revising some of the early reviews I did. I have also finished the map Lock ‘n Load 3: Livin’ It Up. I have also added the previous interviews to the Action Map Review page. Just click on any of the authors in red and you can read that review. I should have a new review up by weeks’ end. if you would like to submit a question, send it oswald@actionquake.com or Death Magnet. Another problem I have been receiving email on has been the unavailability to send maps to Death Magnet. You can also send them to me and I will make sure they get to the Staging Area for testing.

It’s Official!

By now, I assume most have seen the news out of AQMD regarding The 6th Floor and The Mapzone. As I mentioned a few days back I contacted Death Magnet to become “involved” with AQMD. So after some discussion and numerous emails, I will now represent AQMD with official Action Quake Reviews. What does this mean to you? Nothing much, you will still get the same high quality of reviews and a regular basis, along with news and interviews. I really did want to step in and work on AQMD, but I realized I did not know enough programming to be successful. This arrangement should work out great for all parties involved. You will probably see a few updates by me on AQMD, and I usually frequent the forum on a regular basis, although I don’t know the first thing about mapping. Maybe I should learn. Also, as some of you may noticed, I forgot to upload the Lava tube review yesterday, only I realized this last night around midnight when I was already at work. More later today!

A Plethora of Information this Morning

William has some updated information as it relates to the CGF, including a download page for missions written by you, the CGF users. He says he likes to see all the enthusiasm and excitement surround the CGF, but wants to make sure that webmasters running CGF mission sites check the missions for errors before releasing them. There are currently two missions available at the links page.For those of you who have still not download the CGF for Action Quake 2, here is a short review by Lightning Mirror, a regular at the Planetquake Forums:

CGF 0.77: Teamplay bots for AQ2As the Action Quake II fans among you are probably aware, version 0.77 of the CGF (Computer Generated Forces) teamplay bots for AQ2 was released yesterday, 8 July 1999. I downloaded and installed it last night, and played it for a couple of hours last night and this morning (9 July). The following are my impressions and opinion of CGF.First, the good news. The CGF bots are pretty smart for a beta. They move together, cover each others’ advance, coordinate their fire, and generally do a respectable job of making life difficult for the player. I look forward to great things in v1.0. For the hackers and mod freaks, mission scripts are plain text files, readable (and modifiable) in Notepad. If you know anything at all about scripting, you’ll find the syntax and command vocabulary pretty self-explanatory, and the readme contains a brief but helpful section on it as well. The download includes a very helpful syntax-checking utility, cgfparser.exe, to catch bugs and typos *before* you try to play your mission (and possibly crash Q2).Second, the bad news. The missions that are included with the download are harder than hell. Your team is outnumbered and outgunned, so brush up on your small-unit tactics if you don’t want your ass handed to you (though it probably will be anyway). The intelligence that I praised in the good news is quite impressive from a purely intellectual standpoint, but once you actually get out there amidst the blood and fire, it’s a royal pain in the ass. New players should expect to lose. A lot.One thing that some will find objectionable is the lack of deathmatch support. See the CGF FAQ for the reasons for this. Personally, I prefer teamplay over free-for-all anyway, but if you’re a DM junkie, CGF may not be for you.Finally, the miscellany. This beta, 0.77, is limited to a single map, Gerbil!’s urban.bsp. Other maps will be supported in future releases, and in other scripts, but for now it’s urban or nothing. Also, it doesn’t seem to like hacked scripts very well. I’ve got two scripts that I modified from missions that came with the download, and the crash rate is appalling. It shouldn’t cripple your system, but don’t be surprised if you find Q2 crashing left and right if you try to run a modified script.Overall, I’m quite pleased. My main gripe is with the difficulty level of the missions; I’m getting thrashed, quite frankly, though I’ve had more success with my own scripts (hint: the bots are much easier to beat when they don’t have Kevlar vests). I expect that once v1.0 rolls around, we’ll see at least some player-produced scripts floating around.The bottom line is that CGF is good stuff, especially considering that it’s still in beta. I look forward to the next release.”

There is also a new discussion, or shall we say disagreement at the Action Quake 2 Forums which has caught fire recently surrounding the M4 script. Which, once executed does not allow the weapon to kick back, raising the barrel of the gun as you discharge the weapon. Most all consider this cheating. Personally, I don’t use it was just recently I stumbled across it. Be heard and voice your opinion.There should be some changes in the midst over at AQMD soon. How do I know this? Because I have been talking with Death Magnet, current Head Webmaster over there. Seems he was looking for someone to help out, or take over the daily duties of AQMD. Actually, all this began when Swoosh and Negative Creep posted messages in defense of AQMD and basically told those who were complaining to get involved. So I emailed Death Magnet and got a very positive response. Although, as I told him, I would be way in over my head if I were to attempt to fill his shoes. But I will be contributing to AQMD now on a semi-regular basis. Hopefully we can get this turned around and get AQMD releasing maps on a regular basis. But for this to happen, it is going to have to take you, the Action community to use the formats for test maps and reviews to help get the ball rolling again. Details are still being worked out with Death Magnet. I’ll keep you posted. And yes, I will continue to maintain this site. I have no desire to close up shop.

New Maps&What’s Going On

We have some new maps that have been stamped with the “official” seal of approval from AQMD. They include: Civil War by Hammer, The Dock Yard by KaRRiLLioN, The Frag Harbour by Blownup, The Military Depot by Clan MIA, Mantidoba’s Playground by Mantidoba, Village by Zotud and Fragging ‘n Lagging in a Winter Wonderland by PacMan. I have had a chance to check all of these maps except Civil War. Should have some new screenies up for you in a bit. Bigger news out of AQMD, Death Magnet is going to be resigning as the big kahuna from AQMD, due to work, but will still be involved in the Swoosh testing? Sounds like they are looking for a replacement on a full time or interim basis. Do you have what it takes? Still no word on the bot, maybe later today, keep your eyes peeled on CGF.