The Weekend was a Blur

What is a LAN without alcohol? Uh, I cannot remember…but I will tell you this, I did not make it on Saturday night. I did get to play a few new maps over the internet before succumbing to darkness. However, I did not make it for our clan play. So much for a body powered by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I did update the review grid with three maps which will be reviewed this week. Also included on the bottom of the review page is a smaller grid which now holds reviews for the support programs, like CGF and AMDi (the only two I have reviewed). I do plan on down loading the CGF mission editor and the CGF launcher.

I need to apologize to [tBd]NRGizeR, author of the newly released mxcity. He has been trying to get a hold of me the past weekend to get an interview, but I was a bit busy with out of town guests and then Saturday, I was at the NT LAN in ‘N/A (Extended Away) mode on ICQ. If everything works out, I should have his review completed later today.

Some time back, I did mention I was getting a new format for The 6th Floor. It is still coming, but [NT]Overkill is having a small problem which requires some extra programming. He did not give me an exact date, but he did say it is looking good.

Action Quake 2 Utility Program

By now, I am sure most have heard of Computer Generated Forces v0.78 [CGF], better known as the Action Quake bot, created by William. Death Magnet has recently finished a new version of MapRid v1.5, which will delete all those sub par maps that you do not want cluttering your hard drive. Borderfield has a few programs which are useful for Action players, first is AMDi v1.03 by Fonz, which is an interactive program that will detect and recognize which maps you are lacking. Giving you the opportunity to download those files. Also at Borderfield is the CGF Mission Editor by Incubus, which “is a really useful tool for anyone who want’s to write his own CGF scripts.” This is great to see such support for a mod of this type.

More Test Maps Available

I was finally able to get through to Telefragged’s FTP site and download the remaining three maps, I was unable to comment on yesterday. All three look great, the best being Nakatomi by Shadowfire. This map is based on the movie Die Hard with Bruce Willis. The map is of the 30th and 31st floors of the Nakatomi building, very highly detailed and great looking. I cannot wait to frag on this map! The other other two maps, Slumcity by peep^ and Skyplay by Regulator, both recreate city maps. Skyplay looks very similar to Actcity3, with many rooftops and ramps connecting the buildings. As for Slumcity, it is a small city block map, with multiple buildings, most of which are accessible, including the roof. I would not attempt to play this map with more then 8 people. It is that small.

For all you CGF fanatics out there, William has created official route files for the Action map, Downtown by Cougar[D.O.A.](now of Clan =RaGe=). There will also be an new version of the CGF, cgf_0.80 near September. There is quite a bit of new information, head to CGF to get caught up! Thanks William.

Up and Coming Maps

As always, there are authors designing new Action maps, here are two which look promising, just click the links for a screen shot. The first map is by krebscycle titled kreby’s krib and the other is titled “The Hunt for the HUGE Diamond,” by Squirrel. This map is still at an early stage of its development. We are almost at zero hour and the release of Action Half-Life. I noticed the update over at AHL, they have already turned 100k hits, and the mod is not even released yet. Due to curiosity sake, I will probably get a copy of it tomorrow, I still think it is going to be a majority of eye candy, some enhanced game play and the same slow Half-Life engine. I hope I am incorrect. There are some who want to know, “Am I going to run a 6th Floor review site for AHL maps?” I have not decided, I am sure there are going to be many people out there throwing sites onto the internet, similar to what we saw with the CGF and extra missions. If I do review AHL maps, they will be included on this same page and you will be able to choose in the beginning if you want AHL or AQ2. Oh, I am a bit slow but I am still working on Subway99.

A Simple Update: Part Deux

I have accomplished a few items today. First, I have a review up for Team Depot by Strag. Currently I am in the middle of reviewing Subway99 by T.T.I., which will be completed tomorrow morning, if I am not too tired when I get off work. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with Pacman[TECH] and interview him regarding his recently released map, Winter: Fraggin’ & Laggin’ In a Winter Wonderland. The test matrix at AQMD is up and running. When you download a map, fill out the questionnaire, it only takes 30 seconds to a minute. All you do is click on the answer that closest resembles what you think of the map. There are new maps which have passed Swoosh testing, I am hesitant to update my test maps section, because I feel that of the four maps I previewed, none really looked as if they had too much potential in their current state. For those of you who play with the CGF, Bot Central has a new mission/route writer and an update with some new missions for jungle and teacher. Enjoy the update!