Twas the night before Christmas….

I thought about trying to remake that story based on Urban Terror and then decided I did not have the time, desire or effort to make it. But rest assured, I am sure someone in the community will come up with one. So I was MIA for the quiet release of 4.1. No real PR push or Urban Radio, since I was away at work with many more things on my mind than a release. There seems to be some good feedback and many are enjoying this version, which is a good thing.

As for work, I started by certification week today and things went very well. I even asked for help, which is what management and my peers want to see at this stage in training. So if I can get through the weekend, then I am gold. All I must remember are three small words. ASK FOR HELP! This has been a downfall for me recently, because I would be so focused on a single task that the rest of the system would be falling to pieces and I would fail to notice. That is not the type of person they want working. So as long as I remember everyone is there for me and at my disposal, then I should be fine because there is not much I cannot handle right now.

Christmas came early to our household, as the wife and I along with Zoom, our son opened all the gifts from my parents, as well as the wife and I exchanging gifts. I did call one of the gifts, Guitar Hero III. How and where she got it, I won’t ask, but I have it and have been playing for about 3 hours tonight. Also scored a cordless drill and seasons one and two of CSI. I made out. In return, I bought her a new Kenmore Elite microhood that goes above the matching stove, it is a combination microwave and hood.

More later I hear GHIII calling…