Slow and Easy

Beta 2 development has gotten the best of me recently. Thus, no time for updates. With regular testing which happens daily, Silicon Ice Development is trying to get the mod completed sooner than later. Obvious statement, yeah I know. SID was able to update the Urban Terror Screenshots section with all new Beta 2 shots of the levels and the new models/skins which will debut in Beta 2.

eXKalibuR is back with some outstanding screenshots of his latest mapping attempt titled Museum. He was nice enough to send me the pk3 file to test it and provide him feedback as to where to changes and address problems spots. Overall, the level is large! Probably the largest level I have play tested to date, except for the ut_desert level by my 6th Floor crony, NRGizeR. The level would make for some interesting game mode variations, like Capture & Hold and Infiltrate. While this is just an early version look for the full release sometime after Beta 2. Here are a few shots from the Urban Terror Forums:

[SHOT #1] | [SHOT #2] | [SHOT #3] | [SHOT #4]
Many level designers keep inquiring about the new features for their Urban Terror levels. Features such as surface parameters, volumetric snow and rain, visible breathing, entities and spawn points. There are just a few which will be made available on Urban Terror, The 6th Floor and AMP web sites. Stay up to date on Urban Terror level design by visiting, The Level Design Forum on the Urban Terror Forums.

I know this thread was mentioned before, but if you are into mapping and I mean REALLY into mapping, then bookmark all the sites. This thread was started by AstroCreep over on the Quake3World Forums and lists many excellent reference sites for Quake III level design. So check it out!

One word of caution to those desiring to use Urban Terror or id Software related material on their non-id games,

 To The Freeman and any other “converters” who may be reading this thread. id Software does not permit content from the games it makes to be converted for or included in content made for other games. This means ALL content and ALL games. That means no models, meshes, skins, animations, textures, level designs, or code from our games is to appear in other games. If we wanted to have any other policy, we would say so.

If you have converted an id model or used an id texture on a model (or map), you have violated our copyright and the contract terms under which we license our game content to users. When we discover violations of our copyrights and trademarks, we will ask that any and all web sites displaying such content to remove them immediately … not just from visible web pages, but completely from the server. Giving credit to id for conversions to other game types is NOT acceptable to us. The converted content must come off the Internet and not be distributed in any manner.

If you have questions concerning this matter, you may contact me directly.”

As Paul Jaquays was quoted, “That’s me, id’s big meanie, depriving poor gamers from using id content in their non-id games.” Rock on Paul! And yes, Urban Terror does fall under that copyright since we have signed the EULA with id Software.

Maybe you saw this, but there was someone at FilePlanet who posted this Urban Terror link, mistakenly reporting this as the “latest” version. The link actually shows a Beta 2 screenshot of the H&K G36 being fired. Oh well, not bad, 14,000+ downloads in three days. Hopefully this is a bit of foreshadowing as to what Beta 2 will do once released.