Star Wars

Since the birth of our son in 2005 I have  spent more time at Toys-R-Us than I would like to admit. I guess that  is to be expected though. While wandering through the toy giant  yesterday I was surprised at the amount of Star Wars toys being marketed  to kids. It was quite amazing.

Star Wars was released to theaters in 1977, since that time there have been five other Star Wars movies in the series along with the animated flick The Clone Wars. The film still stands as a staple in science fiction some 30 years later!

I  remember the original figures by Kenner released in 1977, probably paid  $4-$5 for a single figure, compared to the $9 today. The original figures were no where as detailed as the figures today, but the fact is kids are still crazy about Star Wars.

Going back to 1977 I cannot remember a sci-fi movie or any movie for that matter that spanned a few generations and was still popular when I was 8 or 9 years old. Nowadays even crappy movies are marketed towards kids, with very few standing  the test of time like Star Wars has.

Like me, back in 1977, I am  sure it will only be a matter of time before my son finds the thrill, excitement and amazement that is the Star Wars Galaxy. Unfortunately I  no longer have any of my original Star Wars toys, but the fact that the toys are still being made is rather amazing. At least I still have my baseball cards.?