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I had intended to update last night, but damnit, I fell asleep at my computer again. It was probably good I did as I have some new information from a few of the team and community mappers.

Paying homage to the community mappers, who really are the life blood of any gaming community comes word from Torquemada{AP} of Armageddon Mapping Productions. His current project is called Terrorkeep Go check out his Flash presentation of Terrorkeep. The individual screen shots are also available, here. Looking good Torque!

We follow that new map with word from that “crazed Aussie” himself, WetWired. His name is fairly well known throughout the Action Quake 2 community and currently in the Urban Terror community. While he is working on numerous projects for Beta 2, he has decided to modify his current level, Ricochet. I am sure many are quite familiar with this level and consider it to be the “standard” that other maps are compared to. He has outdone himself this time. I was able to get a sneak peak at the modifications he has done to Ricochet which will be included in the upcoming Urban Terror release. There are many changes which should improved the overall game play of the level. Gone is ramp which zig zags back and forth up to the roof, replaced by a spiraling staircase. The sniper’s roost, near the atrium and that ever so present “elevator music” has been turned into a library. There is still more to see and come from Ricochet, but I am sure you will all be impressed. Screen shots to come in the near future.

Thanks to Tub for posting information which is imperative to level designing for Beta 2. This same information was posted on the Urban Terror web site a few weeks back when it was introduced. Check out, this thread for all the game type information. Here is a bit of what Tub had to say,

 Ok here’s a load of detailed info on the new game types. This is so you can plan your maps around how you want them to work with all the new stuff. You can have as few or as many different game types on a map as you wish. As Oswald has mentioned we will quite possibly be having a map comp after beta2 is released so this would be a good time to get some ideas together.

Please don’t worry about entity names yet since we are not going to be giving out the def files for a while. As I said this is just so you can design your maps for post beta2 with the game types in mind.

Silicon Ice Development has not yet released any of the necessary files for the name game modes. Same hold true for textures, look for more information as the release approaches.

For those looking to create new environments for Urban Terror, check out The Wadfather who recently surpassed 10,000 public textures! They have many textures and environments for your upcoming levels. Check them out!

While I am all for any development team getting together and kicking out a competitive mod, something has to be said, and I think SID Coder, Apoxol did just in his response in a recent thread on the Navy Seal Forums. Intellectual property is something that you cannot copyright. Including ideas for a mod or game which have been around for years and calling them “your own” is pretty ridiculous. Hell, A.R.I.E.S., the new damage system to Urban Terror is nothing new, we just found a way to implement locational damage and gave it name and now people link words, “ARIES” and “Urban Terror” together. Is that so bad? No, not at all. Check the thread and decide for yourself.


Well damn, here I find myself typing away with nothing new to offer. Yeah I know I was supposed to kick out the review of Corn!! but time has just not permitted me to finish writing it. Monday will probably be the earliest I will get around to it. As for a rant….I am tapped out. At least for the moment. I p1mped Painberry and his editorial on realism. As for a response. I don’t have one. It was well written and I have yet to find a good loophole to attack.

I will talk about a few new threads I have found as they relate to Urban Terror. Here is an interesting thread I found while scouring the Reaction Quake 3 Forums. The thread is titled, For the team: Your competition! and while it was started back on November 07, 2000, there seemed to be some interest from a few different people. For example, Oddjob, who made his case, ““Make the mod the way we want it, with no concessions for what “the gamers” want. Make it as good as we can, stay to our vision, and maybe lots of people will play it.” That’s pretty much what we said about AHL and were totally flamed for here.” The thread spills over into the upcoming Action Unreal Tournament mod as well. There was a statement mode by a community member on their forums, “Any mod team that tries to cater to any audience will inevitably fail or become discouraged and quit.” While I have been thinking about the past few days, I am still trying to see how this statement can be justified. Without gamers to provide feedback, what is the use of creating a mod? Shit, I will be the first to admit he value the input of our community. Without them Urban Terror would not exist on the scale it does currently. I don’t agree with ignoring the community and shrouding your development behind a vale of secrecy. I can understand not wanting to give out too many ideas or features which could possibly be stolen or borrowed by a competing mod.

There seems to be a but more trouble with the guys over at Navy Seals. First, a community guy inquired about A.R.I.E.S. on their Navy Seals – Ideas forum. The consensus, everyone thinks ARIES is a pretty stupid name. But if it has done one thing for development, it now links the name ARIES to Urban Terror. Like Apoxol dropped in that thread, “Its not the name that makes the feature though (thank god). Perhaps we should have just not named it and told everyone what it was (a hit detection system for Q3 that detects down to a triangle on the actual model).” That is so true. But there seems to be more internal strife with Team Mirage as they continue to work towards Beta 1.

Smile Pikachu!

Damn why does it seem when Friday comes I look back and ask myself, “What the *%$@ did I get accomplished?” I was going to rant, but held off because I hear Painberry has a doozy of an article soon to be posted on the “Big Fuzzy”. So until that time I will just sit back and watch all those bullets go whizzing by my head. Been spending two hours a night on the VK-14 server, trying to get more game experience in as we work towards Beta 2. I guess I should not be surprised, but many who are on that server, A) Must not visit the forum or B) Not read the web site. It seems they ask questions and want information which we have given out freely on both. Of course then comes the challenge of trying to type a response while trying to fight. Uh uh…doesn’t work. You end up dead. Don’t try this at home.

Earlier in the week, Silicon Ice Development announced new game play modes for Beta 2. Just to recap those were: Search and Destroy, Tax Collector, Infiltrate and Assassinate. From what I have gathered many like the announcement of the new versions, but there are still some skeptics. I am sure that is well justified, until SID releases more team play information. From what Apoxol told me, these were the “easiest to code in.” There will be more game play mode or changes to come. For more information on the new modes, check out the Urban Terror web site.

While I have not really been keeping up to date on the happenings in Action Quake 2, I still talk to the two monkeys I left in charge at the AQMD, Smurphster and GreyDeath. Smurph keeps raving about a mapper who goes by the name of Makro PN who comes from Romania. While I have only seen screen shots of his AQ2 creations, check out these seven shots of his first attempt using the Quake III engine:

[Shot #1] | [Shot #2] | [Shot #3] | [Shot #4] | [Shot #5] | [Shot #6] | [Shot #7]
After you check out the screen shots, give Makro PN some feedback in the Urban Terror Forum found here. This map show much promise. Don’t you agree?

With the introduction of ARIES for Beta 2, there were and still are many questions which have been asked. Apoxol answered some of those questions on the forums. Here is what he had to say.

Ok, lemme help you guys out a bit. 🙂

1) When you die now your screen fades to black before you become a spectator again
2) Blood emanates through the exactly point of impact using A.R.I.E.S..
3) If a player is bleeding you will see blood dripping out of the spot they were originally injured in (using aries).. The amount of individual blood drips is configurable.
4) Blood that drips from a bleeding player leaves stains on the ground, so you can follow dem bastards.
5) When you get hit i think it would be a good idea to jerk the crosshair a bit, ill look into adding that.
6) CrazyButcher has already animated us different death animations for the different kill zones. So if you kill someone with a headshot you will be graced with a nice headshot death anim (we also have pain animations but we may not use them).

Hope that helps clarify a few things.

For a glance at the enter thread leading up to this, click here.