Just Push Play

The genesis of Just Push Play originated in 2000, when I was interviewed by Chad “Blankz” Budd for his radio show, on Radio iTG. I flew out to Ohio, met Chad and we hung out through the weekend and he did his radio show on a Saturday evening. It was his interview that got me interested in shoutcasting or providing streaming audio to listeners. I created an 80’s music show that came on before his show, Anything Goes.

In 2002 I got involved with TsN, the Team SportsCast Network and started providing live streaming coverage of PC games (shoutcasting). My focus was on the Quake 3 mod, Urban Terror and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It wasn’t until 2005 when I made the move from TsN to Radio iTG did I bring back the premise for an 80’s radio show.

At the time, the station was looking for more alternative programming to fill the down time when no game matches were being covered. Just Push Play was born out of my love of the 80’s, from TV and movies to music, toys and fads. The 80’s much like every other decade was unique. The show ran 2 hours in length along with interspersed music, I talked about the 80’s.

The show lasted much of 2005 and into early 2006. Show segments included Pop Culture that took a look at toys, video games, nostalgia, fads and fashion. Boob Tube focused on what was on television during the era. Flick Picks were movies that were playing on the big screen. Finally, Album Rewind, which took a closer look at a classic album of the 80’s, when vinyl still existed.

It was a solid concept that provided hours of entertainment for many listeners across the world. The official show only lasted 10 episodes, beginning January 26, 2005 and ending a year later on January 13, 2006. I was finding it difficult to put together a show and listener numbers had been on the decline. With the birth of my son at the end of 2005 I did not have time to spend days or weeks researching, producing and hosting Just Push Play and I finally canceled the show.

Sometimes Just Push Play ran in conjunction with another Urban Terror related show I produced called Urban Radio. Much like JPP being centered on the 80’s, Urban Radio focused on game development and my ranting. You can now relive the fun and excitement of Just Push Play as I have made all the recorded shows available.

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# File Description File size Downloads
1 mp3 01-26-2006 - Episode #001 Just Push Play - Back to the 80's Topics: Rubik Cube, Dukes of Hazzard, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, AC/DC Back in Black
45 MB 533
2 mp3 02-02-2006 - Episode #002 Just Push Play - One Hit Wonders Topics: Big Trak, Choose Your Own Adventure, The A-Team, Alien, Rush Moving Pictures
47 MB 522
3 mp3 02-09-2005 - Episode #003 Just Push Play - Leather, Hair, Rock & Roll Topics: Top 10 Arcade Games, Eighties Speak, Miami Vice, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction
57 MB 456
4 mp3 Episode #004 Just Push Play - Video Arcade Games (Pt. 2) Topics: Top 10 Arcade Games, Airwolf, Back to the Future, Prince & the Revolution Purple Rain
47 MB 475
5 mp3 03-16-2005 - Episode #005 Just Push Play - Top Songs of 1984 Topics: Popular Inventions of the 1980s, Magnum P.I., The Lost Boys, Michael Jackson Thriller
43 MB 457
6 mp3 04-27-2005 - Episode #006 Just Push Play - DD's Hump Day Request Topic: Don't Call Me Generation-X, Cheers, The Breakfast Club, US Joshua Tree
49 MB 462
7 mp3 05-04-2005 - Episode #007 Just Push Play - 1987 Topics: 80s Music through Lyrics, Married with Children, Lethal Weapon, INXS Kick
46 MB 464
8 mp3 12-14-2005 - Episode #008 Just Push Play - Totally Dude Topics: Why I am a Child of the 80s, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Duran Duran Rio
29 MB 450
9 mp3 01-04-2006 - Episode #009 Just Push Play - Oswald Strikes Back Topic: Are you a child of the 80s, Dungeons & Dragons, Empire Strikes Back, Dragon's Lair, Cars Heartbeat City
35 MB 501
10 mp3 01-13-2006 - Episode #010 Just Push Play - Choose Life Topics: Finish the Lyrics, Blade Runner, Moonlighting, Beserk, Styx Paradise Theatre
46 MB 480