Day 9

Weight: 180.1 lbs.

Exercise: Ran 3.03 miles today in 29 minutes, 11 seconds. Managed my son’s baseball team at practice for 90 minutes.

Breakfast: Reheated shredded hash brown potatoes with onion, garlic, black beans, red and green peppers topped with hot sauce and ketchup.

Lunch: 2 quart bowl of mixed green salad with cabbage, carrots and almonds, topped with Chef AJ’s Husband’s Favorite No-Oil Dressing.

PM Snack: Baked corn tortilla chips.

Dinner: Sweet potato macaroni & cheese from Alicia Silverstone, based off a recipe from EcoSalon (all oil omitted).

Midnight Snack:

Synopsis: That late night snack killed me all through the night. Not sure why I need to eat after dinner, but prior to bed and it only happens on nights I don’t have to go to bed early for work. At least I was able to avoid the Nutty Nuggets for breakfast and eat the more satiating shredded hash brown potatoes, which I reheated from yesterday. That was my morning, as I spent time working on a few items around the house before going on my run.

I spent just under 30 minutes in a 3.03 mile run, my best to date in just 2 days of running. It looks as if I improved my time as well, unfortunately the GPS on the mobile never synced, so I don’t know for sure just how positive the run was. Actually, I do know I got off my butt and ran, so regardless of time or miles, it was successful!

When I got home I was hungry and took out a stainless steel, 2 quart bowl and made salad. It was mixed greens, to which I added cabbage, some baby carrots and two, 100 calorie bags of almonds. I topped this with Chef AJ’s oil-free balsamic and tossed some Sriacha sauce and mixed it up. I ate the entire bowl and should have gone back for seconds, but went back to working around the house until baseball practice.

Not wanting the scalloped potatoes I had Sunday and Monday, I opted to make sweet potato mac and cheese. This is not the first time I have made this, infact this time around it was tasty, but not all that cheesy. I was in a hurry to get it done, as it was approaching 8PM and I had still not eaten since getting home at 6PM from baseball. I quadrupled the recipe, which ended up giving me enough for leftovers tomorrow.

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