Day 7

Weight: 179.4 lbs.

Exercise: Ran 2.11 miles in 22 minutes, 36 seconds.

Breakfast: Three pieces of Dave’s Killer Bread (Blues Bread)

AM Snack: Bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar (as my honey seems to have gone bad at work). Two piece of whole wheat French bread with avocado.

Lunch: Two reheated sweet potatoes topped withcheese sauce #2 and salsa roja (from Plant Purity). Big bowl of mixed greens with cabbage topped with Chef AJ’s Husband’s Favorite No-Oil Dressing.

PM Snack: Corn chips, hot out of the oven.

Dinner: Dreena’s No-Fu Love Loaf and Cheezy Scalloped Potatoes courtesy of Julie-Marie’s, Plant Purity.

Midnight Snack: Bowl of Nutty Nuggets with almond milk.

Synopsis: A lack of preparation on my part left me very little to grab and go with as I woke late this morning for work. I didn’t purchase any almond milk at the supermarket for my Nutty Nuggets, so I grabbed some bread. Again, not ideal but given my “flexible” guidelines for my potato hack I will accept this. Once I got to work I had to wait 2 hours to make my oatmeal, so I filled the hunger urge with copious amount of caffeine free green tea.

Our manager brought in a vegetarian spread for Easter that included apples a cranberry/walnut bread, a big load of whole wheat French bread, avocados, almonds and a good looking cheese platter. I sampled the breads with some avocado and munched on a few almonds, but did not partake in the cheese. I can’t say the breads were oil free, but they were very tasty.

When I got home I knew what I wanted to cook, as I had been reading up on some comments regarding the cheezy scalloped potatoes. I thought those would go good with the lentil loaf that Dreena Burton makes. It also sounded like it would make a nice Easter dinner, just add a salad. Well, it didn’t go quite as I expected.

I started by baking corn tortilla chips in the oven, while I prepped the scalloped potatoes. I was able to get through a few batches of chips before I finished the potatoes and put them in the oven for 60 minutes. As the potatoes neared their finishing time, I started on the lentil loaf. Unfortunately my attention must have been elsewhere because I forgot the tamari and skipped adding the tahini. I quickly mixed the the ketchup topping coating the loaf in a bread pan and popped it in the oven.

The lentil loaf was a bit too dry because of what I left out, still good flavor. I also didn’t pulse it in the food processor as I had done in the past. The potatoes had cooled enough that I dished up a plate of food and dug in. The potatoes were wonderful! A hot, dripping “cheeze” in between layers of potatoes, which made for a very filling dish. My wife, didn’t partake of either dish. Not being a big fan of nutritional yeast made the dish a real turn off, she opted for cold pizza.

I had hoped to get through the even unscathed after dinner, but I needed something to eat, as I had the munchies. I had picked up some Nutty Nuggets (Raley’s brand) that were still Isolated Soy Protein free, so I dished up a bowl as I sat down to watch my HBO miniseries (John Adams, if you are curious) and ate. It was filling and since not eating every day, tasted like a treat.

Overall, potatoes still are dominating every meal, which is a plus. I am eating less, but staying satiated through out the day thanks to the starch. With the absence of beer, I have been drinking liters of Crystal Geyser still. Thankfully a 2 liter bottle is still just $1 at Raley’s. I need to stock up. Looking back, the first week was a solid foundation on which to build. I will try to make a few changes this upcoming week by trying to stay away from the bread. I will still give myself Nutty Nuggets (probably only 2 bowls remaining), but still try and steer clear of the fatty plant foods for another 2 weeks.

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