Day 5

Weight: 179.1 lbs.


Breakfast: Bowl of Nutty Nuggets (aka Grape Nuts) with almond milk.

AM Snack:  Leftover hash brown potatoes (with Mexican seasoning for potacos recipe) topped with cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja (from Plant Purity).

AM Snack #2: Sweet potato topped with cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja (from Plant Purity).

Lunch: Northern bean w/ veggie soup, sauteed green bean, daikon, carrot and sea vegetable, wild grain brown rice blend, kidney bean w/ onion & garlic, mixed salad w/ basil, carrot, celery & agave dressing, finally collard green w/ shiitake mushroom leek sauce.

PM Snack: Vegan chocolate chips, doughnut batter and icing while baking donuts.

Dinner: Aloo Gobi that turned into Aloo Palak since I had no cauliflower.

Synopsis: When I got to work I was frustrated to find out that my morning “go to ” breakfast had changed their formula and now included isolated soy protein in the ingredients. I read about Post changing the Grape Nuts formula reading, “NOW WITH 8 G OF PROTEIN!” on the box, but failed to read the new ingredients. Not sure if Raley’s generic brand, Nutty Nuggets will be changed but I will no longer eat Grape Nuts after Saturday (finishing up box).

When I went on break at work, I finished up the remaining Mexican spiced potatoes I had topped with a bit of my cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja. Can’t get enough of that salsa, especially a day or two after I made it. The flavors are amazing! I plan on making more today and adding some jalapeno to it. After eating I took a 20 minute walk around Chinatown in search of a sweet, red chili sauce. I was successful and plan on using this in a Thai curry recipe from Happy Herbivore. When I returned I decided to reheat my sweet potato, topped with, you guessed it, cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja.

A co-worker and I had made plans to grab take out for lunch. The restaurant is called Shangri-La Vegan, located in Oakland. I heard about this place last week, as a group of McDougallers when for lunch and raved about it. My co-worker did the same thing after eating there on Wednesday. Little did I know this place offered a no oil, no salt option (simple meal) but I did not know that. It only took a few bites and I could tell much of the meal was cooked with oil, as it continued to pool in the to go container I was eating out of. With that said, the meal was wonderful! The flavors were amazing and I was satiated when I finished my meal in record time! If I decide to eat there again, I will make sure it’s the no oil, no salt option. This was also not potato based, but I made an exception, as we had planned to go there earlier in the week. I am still glad I had the chance to sample their cuisine.

I got home a bit later than anticipated after making 5 stops on the way home at various grocers and Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy my doughnut pan. After talking about cooking at work, I decided to try my hand at making Chocolate Glazed Doughnuts from Happy Herbivore Abroad. I was not sure I was going to eat dinner as lunch was still sitting heavy in my stomach. I can only assume it a run in with “McDougall’s Revenge” because of oil used in the cooking. Still about 15 minutes into making doughnuts I figured I would try the Aloo Gobi from HHA.

After mixing the doughnut batter I started dicing onions and got some saute going on as I waited for the timer to go off. Even with the non-stick surface of the doughnut pan I had some troubles removing the them from the pan, even after they cooled. I probably should have waited a bit longer before attempting to pop them out. I was somewhat turned off by the thickness of the batter, which made it difficult to spoon into the doughnut mold. I added some extra soy milk in hopes of thinning out the batter, but that didn’t help.

Once the first doughnuts were cool to the touch, I twirled them in the icing and let them set up. There was no way I was going to make doughnuts and NOT try them. Thankfully I had difficulty in getting one out and it broke. Guess it had a bit of help, but I topped it with icing and consumed it. For baked, no fat doughnuts I was highly impressed. I did learn a few things and might change how I do these next time. My wife, the critic, which is a good thing said they thought they could have been cooked a bit longer. I do agree with that. Not sure she was too upset to see me take them to work though.

With the doughnuts out of the way I was on my way to finishing my Aloo Palak. Instead of using 1 potato, I used hash brown that were already cubed, it was a huge time saver. I knew I had no cauliflower, but had half a bag of baby spinach, which I substituted in the recipe. I also added a full 16 ounce can of tomato sauce with a bit more spice than what the recipe required. Still, the end product was very tasty with a good spice. Instead of serving this over brown rice, I just spooned it into a bowl, topped with chopped cilantro and ate it. A very filling dinner with enough leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Obviously based on lunch with the oil and baking vegan doughnuts this was the worst day of the week. Still I believe I have done a good job during the week focusing mainly on eating potatoes. The recipes have started to get a bit more complex, but I have been able to keep them pretty close to fat free, while skipping the use of ingredients like whole wheat and grains to supplement my meals. The one big exception this week, the chocolate glazed doughnuts.

Unfortunately I haven’t been real motivated to go to the gym, but looking to start my 16-week running program on Saturday to supplement my weight lifting, which should get back on track on Monday. Mark my word. Let’s see how I navigate the weekend in regards to food and more importantly, beer (on Sunday) if we go over to friend’s house for Easter dinner. Bring on the weekend!

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