Day 3

Weight: 179.1 lbs.

Exercise: Walked 1.22 miles as I was waiting for my wife’s car to be serviced. When I got home I spent about an hour playing kickball and riding scooters with my son.

Breakfast: Hash brown potatoes with onion, garlic, red and green onion topped with my cheese sauce #2 and ketchup (second serving).

Snack: Naked Juice Green Machine (sorry it’s not, non-GMO).

Lunch: Sweet potato topped with cheese sauce #2.

Snack: Piece of Blues Bread (Dave’s Killer Bread) and sweet potato chips made with my TopChips in the microwave.

Dinner: Five potacos! I did modify this and left out the whole wheat flour. I heated corn tortillas in the oven and then bedded some cabbage with the potatoes, topped with cheese sauce #2, salsa verde or salsa roja (both courtesy of Plant Purity)

Synopsis: Today was the best day, by far. During the day I cooked up 3 yams, a sweet potato and 4 Russet potatoes to be eaten as a snack or meal the next few days. I started the day by weighing in at 179.1, which was up just a bit from the previous day. Again, this potato hack, for me anyway is not about losing big amounts of weight. My goal weight when I learned about Dr. McDougall was 175 pounds, I achieved 172 pounds, but put on a few pounds since I have been going to the gym and eating a bit more plant fat than I should be.

Today was the first day I wasn’t hungry, in fact the afternoon snack could have tied me over into the evening, but I chose to eat dinner since I had to get up for work at 4 AM the following morning. I hit the road about 10 AM to take my wife’s car for a service and knew I would be gone for about 2 hours, so I picked up a Naked Juice from the supermarket. Not my best choice, but still better than the other options I had. It filled the belly until I got home.

I ate lunch with my son, but it was a relatively last lunch about 2 PM. I knew eating lunch this late would not make me very hungry come dinner time. I reheated a sweet potato and topped it with a cheese sauce. While eating I decided I would make potato tacos for dinner. I had also been wanting to try Julie Marie’s recipes for salsa verde (which I made a few days ago) and salsa roja. Both very quick and simple recipes bursting with flavor.

I did break down have eat a piece of bread (Dave’s Killer Bread) before I went outside to play with my son. This was the sort of snacking I have been trying to avoid. Not sure why I didn’t reach for the bag of carrots I had in the refrigerator. A minor blemish, but nothing that I am going to be discouraged over.

Dinner turned out very good. I love making the potacos, they are quick and simple and very tasty. Still working on getting a nice bend on the corn tortillas, but it was the salsa and cheese sauce that made these tacos. I ended up eating 5 of them! This by someone who said they weren’t hungry after that late lunch.

Overall I am happy with how I have been eating, getting back to basics and centering my meals around a starch, like the potato. This potato hack reminds me that I don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make a good tasting, healthy meal. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and my son called me “a good chef” yesterday while I was cooking. Still have some 2 weeks to go before I call this hack successful.

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