Day 17

Weight: 178.0

Exercise: Was supposed to put in a 3 mile run, but my wife needed to run errands and when she finally came home, there was not enough time before my son’s baseball game. I did pitch 4 innings of baseball while managing my son’s team.

Breakfast: Hash brown potatoes with onion, green and red bell pepper topped with ketchup and hot sauce.

AM Snack: Bowl of shredded wheat with almond milk


PM Snack: Baked tortilla chips with salsa roja.

Dinner: Nachos with refried beans and salsa roja.

Synopsis: If I thought my eating was poor yesterday it was even worse today. I started off well, reheating hash brown potatoes prior to working in my son’s class for 2.5 hours. After dropping him and his friends off at school I came home and made a bowl of shredded wheat with almond milk. I was hoping to eat early enough in order to run when I got home from school about 1230 PM.

All was going well, I had been planning on where and how far to run today. I really enjoy the trail that runs the length of the California Delta. I found a nice loop that is about 5.56 miles. Not sure I am up to that distance quite yet, but it’s something I am planning. When I got home my wife, after finishing a haircut said she felt good and wanted to run errands. I had already changed into my running clothes and was ready to walk out the door, when I had to stay at home and watch the boys while she ran errands. Some 3 hours later she finally returned, by then it was took later for me to go running as the clock was coming up on 4 PM.

I ate no lunch because I had planned on being on a run and would eat when I returned home. Unfortunately my plans never materialized and I was left at home, on a beautiful day baking tortilla chips. I was frustrated, as I want to keep the running as a regular part of my routine, missing a day in only my second week is not how I wanted to started. Based on the couch to half marathon PDF I am following, today was only supposed to be a 1 mile walk/jog, so I am still ahead of game putting in 3 miles on Monday. So while I was left at home, discouraged I will put it behind me and move forward.

When it got to a point where I realized running was not going to be possible, I started eating some tortilla chips with Julie-Marie’s salsa roja. I made this the night before using 4 cups of grape tomatoes and about 8-10 chile de arbol peppers, garlic and cilantro. It tasted outstanding! My wife had a small taste, but thought it was too spicy for her liking. I compared this homemade salsa to the commercial Herdez/El Pato salsa I combine and what a huge difference in flavor! The salsa roja has a much better “real food” taste, while the commercial brand was too salty for my taste (now). Maybe that is just a strong indication that my taste buds have truly changed.

Last Friday I picked up a few bags of sunflower seeds for the players on my son’s baseball team. Unfortunately I have found myself continually going to these while on the field. I don’t eat them when I am at home, it’s only at baseball, probably not any problems eating these, especially since it’s a short period of time (usually less than 2 hours), but my mouth has been full of them the last 3 times baseball came around.

Dinner was worse than the previous night and it was even later. It was nearly 8 PM before I sat down to eat. We showered when we returned from baseball, I made dinner for my son and then threw together tortilla chips with some refried beans and salsa roja. I was going to make some cheese sauce #2, but that would have only delayed me eating further, so I decided against that. Once dinner was finished it was time for bed at 400 AM comes early.

On the back of a poor Tuesday, Wednesday was just as bad. This failure is due to lack of planning on my part. I have mentioned this a few times before the past 2 weeks. It’s not as if I don’t have food, the pantry is full of quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, legumes, quinoa as well as potatoes in the garage. There should be NO REASON that I can’t put together a better meal than what I have done the last 2 days. I have frozen vegetable mixes in the freezer. Maybe I need to take a page out of some of the McDougall Friends Group on Facebook and spend a day cooking up batches of food and freezing it for the upcoming week.

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