Day 15

Weight: 178.8

Exercise: Ran 3.16 miles in approximately 32 minutes. My running app failed on me about .59 miles into the run, so I am not quite sure how long it took me.

Breakfast: Small bowl of Nutty Nuggets with almond milk.

Lunch: Mixed green salad with cabbage, carrots and almonds topped with Chef AJ’s Husband’s Favorite No-oil Dressing.

PM Snack: Baked tortilla chips with verde salsa made from Herdez Salsa Verde and El Pato Tomato Sauce with Jalapeno.

Dinner: Two pieces of Potato Lasagna.

Synopsis: I was lazy the night before, as I didn’t prepare any sort of lunch, which meant I threw together ingredients for a salad while at work. I got by on the Nutty Nuggets, but got hungry when I took my break from work at about 830 AM. Early than I usually have it and I was hungry, which meant I ate lunch hours early. Lunch was another big mixed green salad with cabbage, carrots and almonds. It filled me up and since I had no other food with me I had to hold out until I got home at 300 PM. I was past hungry and I was still planning on getting my afternoon run in.

I grabbed a few corn tortilla chips out of the kitchen and then changed clothes in preparation to run. I had a quick errand for my wife and then it was outside as I mapped my run for the day. The Couch to Half Marathon program I am following doesn’t have me running until week 4, but I felt I was in good enough shape to run from day one. Today was supposed to be a 1 mile walk and 1 mile power walk, it turned out to be a 3.16 mile run. It was tough because the winds have been 15-20 MPH that last few days and running into the wind was challenging. Somehow my mobile app, Endomondo quit on me and I didn’t realize it. I also missed a turn, which would have made this a 2 mile run instead of a 3.16 mile run.

It was another night of leftovers, as I still had half a pan of potato lasagna. Reheated the hard, not fully cooked potatoes were softer tonight and the flavor was still very good. I just wish I knew I how lose track of time in the afternoon. After feeding my son and my wife it was past 7PM when I finally got to eat. The difference tonight was I was heading into my days off and would end up staying awake until midnight, not that I would be doing any physical activity, but I wouldn’t be going to bed as soon as I was done eating.

I got bit my by the midnight snack bug just before 900 PM and decided to finish off the Nutty Nuggets. No more left in the pantry, so I will see if I can make it 5 more days without succumbing this morning treat, opting for oatmeal when I get to work. That might allow me to last closer to noon before I break out my lunch.

Without tracking my food it’s been challenging to see just how many calories I am taking in. The past few days is probably down from late last week and the weekend. With the addition of running, I need to focus on eating better prior to running and after. The same can be said about lifting weights, from what I read the rule of thumb is to eat approximately 30 minutes after your work out and pack it with protein. I don’t always do this. Guess it’s time to cook up some quinoa! After this hack is completed I will go back to tracking the food I eat. In my opinion it helps to keep me focused and on track to meet my goals.

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