Day 12

Weight: 179.7

Exercise: Lifted weight (squats, bench press and rows) for 90 minutes.

Breakfast: Small bowl of Nutty Nuggets with almond milk.

AM Snack Mixed greens and cabbage salad with carrots and almonds topped with Chef AJ’s Husband’s Favorite No-oil Balsamic Vinaigrette 1 cup of Balsamic.

Lunch: Shredded hash brown potacos with cabbage, cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja.

PM Snack: Snacked on freshly baked corn tortilla chips with cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja.

Dinner: Shredded hash brown potacos with cabbage, cheese sauce #2 and salsa roja.

Synopsis: I can’t say enough about this salsa roja from Julie-Marie’s, Plant Purity. This is one of the best salsa I have made…ever! It leaves my pico de gallo in the dust, in fact this recipe will be my new go to salsa from now on. I am going to try and make sure I have this on hand, in my refrigerator at all times. It’s THAT good! Pretty amazing taste for only 3 ingredients too; grape tomatoes, chile de arbol peppers and cilantro. I don’t find it too spicy either.

Today was another positive step in my 20 day hack. Knowing we were having friends over for dinner didn’t bother me. They know how I eat and actually inquired about what and how I was eating. It’s too bad I could not persuade my friend’s husband to switch diets. He is currently following the Paleo craze and with a high A1C he was telling me he had nearly cut carbs out completely. It was a teaching moment, but I let it pass as I didn’t want to sound preachy telling him he could improve his A1C and eat carbs on a plant-base diet. Maybe that my failure, but there will be a next time.

He opted for the burrito from a local Mexican restaurant, while his wife and mine, along with the kids ate Little Caesar’s pizza. A grease filled bomb more like it. To think, I used to eat like that with no regard for my health. Wow. Still amazed today. I decided to bake some more corn tortilla chips and make another batch of shredded hash brown potatoes for tacos.

Earlier in the day, while at work I had just reheated my potacos and was eating at a computer and had our “meat head” manager (I call him that because he is a big smoker and BBQ fan) turn and say, “Damn dude that smells good!” Not only once, but twice did he do this. Then he proceeded to tell me his wife was have gastric bypass surgery and they were going to be eating differently and he wanted my recipe. Sounds positive, but he’ll never change he meat filled diet. I also put together a big salad right before I had to return to the desk to work, but it tasted wonderful and filled me up.

Not sure what to make of the morning cereal, Nutty Nuggets. This seems to be a staple in my diet each and every morning. I know I said I wanted to cut this out, but the convenience is nice. I can look at it this way, it’s better than giving up the cereal and drinking beer, right? So I will continue with the Nutty Nuggets for now unless this formula is changed (add Isolated Soy Protein) or I find another cereal that is better for me.

As for the exercise, it was a good weight lifting session. I had hoped to have my new toys (power rack and bench), but I found out they would not be scheduled for delivery until Monday. Not a problem though, I spent about 90 minutes lifting weights. I did set a new PR (personal record) on my squat at 210 lbs. but failed on a 180 lbs. bench press attempt. Progress was made on each of these three lifts. I will have to take some time look at the spreadsheet I have to set some 1 year goals (which will be in October) to achieve.

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