Day 8

Weight: 192.6 pounds

It felt good to “get my walk on” today, as I went about 1.95 miles through downtown Oakland during lunch time. In order to get started on P90, I ordered a set of resistance bands today, unfortunately they won’t arrive until Thursday. Nonetheless I am still looking forward to restart P90. Weight was down again today, even after a very filling meal the night before. I still need to get with my doctor to get another blood test scheduled.

Walking 35 minutes

Bowl of oatmeal with honey
Decaffeinated green tea


Spicy black bean burger on whole wheat bun

Daily Synopsis
With any luck I can get 4 days of walking in while at work. The exercise seems to come a bit easier when I am at work than at home. I always seem to find some sort of excuse NOT to walk. I didn’t really eat much today for whatever reason and still need to put more greens into what I plan for my meals. So, while my 12-day program isn’t perfect I am still living by the principles of what Dr. McDougall teaches and feel I am benefiting from it every day!

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