Day 7

Weight: 193.4 pounds

The head cold is now completely gone. I still feel very good and hopefully internally I am continuing to experience improvements. Only another blood test will confirm that. Weight seems to be trending down again after a minor plateau. The changes are not occurring as rapidly as they did when I first got on the plant based, whole food diet last October. Still with the changes to date, I don’t see myself desiring to go back to my SAD way of eating. As some have said, I do feel I have more energy to make it through the day.

Walking 20 minutes

Bowl of oatmeal with honey
Decaffeinated green tea

Two bowls lentil stew

Mexican casserole
Bowl of potatoes (potato enchilada filling)

Daily Synopsis
I have been pretty good through out he day to cut out non-essential snacks, at work there are many foods and trips to restaurants that I no longer need. That is not to say I don’t miss eating my Singapore Noodles or Vietnamese banh mi. Still with as much food as we have at home, in the refrigerator I am able to bring leftovers in to eat. I could probably do by eating just a bit less during dinner or eat a bit bigger snack before dinner. I started cooking last night when I got home from work and running errands to the market around 4pm. I still didn’t eat until just after 5:30pm. I have noticed I am starting to freeze more meals, for example the lentil stew I pulled out the freezer after about 2 weeks. I just placed spaghetti sauce in the freezer and will probably make a few plates this upcoming week.

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