Day 6

Weight: 193.7 pounds

The weight trended down again this morning as I got on the scale. I was busy for about 8 hours and with only two 30 minutes windows to eat, I did eat much. Participating a radio contest I broke for lunch and finished up the enchiladas. Unfortunately those windows did not give me time to walk, so I had no exercise yesterday and it showed as my number of steps was only 2249. Still, I am feeling good and my healthy is getting better. The head cold I started the week with is nearly gone.


Bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and banana
Decaffeinated green tea

2 pieces of whole wheat oat bread with honey

Leftover Potato Enchiladas

Mexican rice and skillet refried beans

2 pita sandwiches with black bean spread

Daily Synopsis
Not my best day after being diligent to get my 30 minutes of walking in. By the time I was done with my radio contest it was too late (dark) to walk, but I figured this was how the day was going to proceed. It was more of a leftover day as well, as I did not cook, but after spending 5 days in the kitchen there was plenty of food to be finished. I have committed to changing the exercise up to include P90, which (resistance bands permitting) will begin on Monday. I can already feel the sore muscles just thinking about workout routine, but I also remember how I felt when I previously used this program in 2003. My wife has also expressed interest in joining me.

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