Day 10

Weight: 191.1 pounds

Looking back over the past 9 days, I haven’t been 100% compliant. I could fool myself into thinking I was, but I haven’t been. While the 2 month transition to McDougall was a good idea, I probably could have started much sooner. Still these 12 days are more to prove to myself I can cut out items in my daily life, like alcohol and dairy. These were the two outstanding items I had still clung to since starting last October and eating better. While I have seen wonderful progress in my weight and health, I will review the full 12 days in Saturday and make a determination as to how compliant I will be moving forward. Meat and dairy are a given, I probably won’t go back to those foods. The same can be said for oil in my cooking. I am still amazed at the changes I have seen in my health. It seems almost unreal I have improved my health in such a short period of time. I will be highly interested to see what my doctor has to say…when I FINALLY schedule an appointment with him.


Hashed potatoes with bell pepper and onion.
Decaffeinated green tea
Piece of whole wheat oat bread with honey

Two spicy black bean sandwiches on whole wheat pita.

Pinto Bean burger with spinach, red onion and salsa
Couscous salad (using Israeli couscous)
Three bean salad

Daily Synopsis
I have mentioned it before, but I have not varied my meal selection as much as Dr. McDougall’s book, The McDougall Program calls for. That is fine, I am still sticking to this way of eating, but have to take into consideration the needs of my wife and aunt, who might make a few changes at the conclusion of this program. Last night’s dinner was made by a friend, she made her burgers different than the few recipes I have used. They were tasty, maybe a bit on the dry side, which could have been attributed to the oat used. Egg whites were also used as the binding agent, unfortunately the burgers did not stay together well, so I skipped flipping them and broiled the top side. I did find myself hungry today, but wasn’t thrilled with many of the choices when I opened the refrigerator, so I tried to keep myself busy instead of opting for a snack. We do have many veggies, since the wife has taken to making her own juice, so stealing some carrots or chopping up some cucumber are possible.

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