12 Day Journal

Since the 12 days is the shortest window of time in which change can be made I have decided to keep track of my official start to the 12 day program set forth by Dr. John McDougall in his book, The McDougall Program. As I mentioned I have been on a whole-plant diet since the end of October, 2011 after watching a few documentaries on the American diet and just how much bad food we really eat. That and the fact I wanted to “get healthy” made my decision that much easier.

While Dr. McDougall lays out a full 12-day menu in his book and free on his web site, I have decided to modify his menu and use my own. Since I have some company on this 12-day journey I am trying to find recipes that makes their transition easier. While my wife hasn’t fully committed, she does enjoy some of the soups I have made recently. I plan on cooking lentil stew, bean soup, pea soup and potato leek soup will make up a bulk of our dinners the next two weeks for dinner. Baked potatoes and brown rice will also be frequent during dinner. I can’t forget the spaghetti!

She is more concerned about breakfast and lunch. She seems to favor Quaker Oatmeal (high in sugar), while I will simply eat plain oatmeal with either a banana or honey in it. Being at work during the lunch hour could be the most challenging, as the office loves to eat out twice, sometimes three times a week. Thankfully I have broken that habit and I don’t frequent many of the establishments I have in the past. Not only has it saved me money, but it’s been much more heart healthy.

Sandwiches like the ‘OLT’, the onion, lettuce and tomato will be a favorite of mine. Flipping through recipes there are enough healthy “spreads” I can create with beans, seasonings and spices that lunch should be fairly quick and simple. Tossing a side salad and veggies with some lemon or Balsamic vinegar is also a possibility. Leftover soup will also make a wonderful lunch.


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