Urban Radio Returns!

Urban Radio is gearing up for its first show since the final day off 2005. I find it hard to believe it has been over 8 months since I last was on air with Urban Radio. Unfortunately, life takes some turns and when they do you must make sure you don’t run off that road. It’s not all that bad, over the course of 8 months there has really not been much happening in the Urban Terror community. More gamers leaving the game then coming in. Not surprising considering the game is 6 years old. A feat I never thought I would see.

I guess that is a bit of a testament to the core group of gamers we have. But it seems to be more then that too. It’s also the friendships you make along the way. Aside from the team members I have worked with for 2-4 years, there are the gamers I have gotten to know. And one I married! So, I guess the game does hold a “special place” for me.

So Urban Radio comes back on Friday, August 25 on Inside the Game with a Q&A show based on community input. We are nearly half way through The 27 Days of Terror and going strong [if I am not crashing the web site]. Community support has probably been the strongest we have seen in nearly 6-8 months. But that does not equate to a success…yet. The decision to bring back Urban Radio is because of the community.

It will be interesting to see how strong the support for the show is, not only listeners who tune in, but those who visit the site and even download the recording after the fact. This will be another measuring stick for the upcoming release of Urban Terror. I am looking forward to the show, getting back behind the microphone and giving the community the latest news and note from Urban Terror.

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Beta this Bitch!

This past Friday during Urban Radio, with thanks going to illogical from Clan PIT, the listeners were treated to an unknown level on the Urban Radio Server. The level is one I featured on The 6th Floor last week, that was still in beta, but it was a playable level titled, ut_workb1 by slinko. Again, check out the screen shots below to see what you missed. While I could spend the time actually playing it, I was able to gather some feedback during the two plus hours we played on it.

Overall, the vertical design and layout worked rather well. I think most were surprised at how simple it was to navigate the entire level. There were some extreme long ladders to climb in order to get directly to some of the levels, those are being looked at, as I understand it. Some of the other issues that were brought up, easy spawn camping for the red team and some r_speed issues. Aside from that, we will watch the progress of this level, as I think it would really make a good map for CTF servers and leagues.

Team Mapness, thanks to Duf Kni3n aka IVR has released the level, ut_toxic. This was another level we featured last weekend. Honestly, I have not had a chance to check it out. But from what I hear it is a very good all around level. I do know there are public servers, such as FSK405 and Aardvark running this level in their rotations. Be sure to download it and check it out!

Another level that was released, that some how I missed, but Dragonne, from SID was able to remind me during our phone interview last week was ut_commune by QueenBee. It has a feel somewhere between Abbey and Sanctuary. This is solely her level, with only moral support from Dragonne. So check it out and grab the download from this site. Props to QB on the new level!

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