Shoutcast Comeback?

I know some have caught bits and pieces of what I do…well, what I did during my free time in the gaming community. I am a member of Inside the Game, an online, gaming related radio station. Of course there are times we stray from the standard format for something a bit different. For me, it was an all 80’s show called Just Push Play. But that show has not aired for some time due to a lack of time. The same can be said for my online gaming coverage live from Clanbase, the BEST league in the world. While there I covered Medal of Honor and Urban Terror.

With some free time today, I was able to get the shoutcast setup nearly online. I was able to move around a few monitors (whoever thought you would see the day you use 4 monitors?) and make some room and get my compressor, mixer and microphone set up. This is a good thing. I was also able to test the gaming sounds, microphone and music from my server. So far all is moving along at a great pace, but as Monday rolls around, I am sure I won’t be spending all day in front of this keyboard until Friday, at the earliest.

I am not even sure I will have time to cast, even on the weekends, but at least I will be set up if the chance rises. I still maintain an open communication with Lagus over at MOHAA for Clanbase. Not sure how their leagues are going this season, since I have not cast for some months. The next piece on the agenda is to get the audio/video server, aka the “media box” online. It will do nothing but process the audio from the mp3s and the video component in order to do some live videocasting!

Exciting time, not sure when or if it will all work out, but thought I would keep you up to date. Who knows maybe JPP will return before the end of the year, even if it is just a bullshit fest on a Friday night with requests.

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Urban Radio Returns! Again!

…or the first time since December 31, 2005 Urban Radio will return to the air on Inside the Game on Friday. For infrequent readers of T6F, this is an online radio show I created about 4 years ago in support of the Quake III mod, Urban Terror. I have been fortunate to host some 100+ episodes of the show and tomorrow is a special day as we get back in the saddle and provide oodles of information for the gaming community.

Over the course of the past 12-18 months, there has not been much information the development team had to pass along. The show was once a weekly part of the community, but due to personal reasons and life priorities the show was not able to be maintained and I had to stop producing it. But with all the information we have had coming out of the development team, it seems Urban Radio could provide another spark to an already excited community, with the new version of Urban Terror near release.

We are in the middle of ‘The 27 Days of Terror’ on the site, but there has been no new information for two days, after we introduced a game feature called ‘powersliding.’ I figured such an exciting feature needed a little “extra time” to be absorbed by the community. That and the fact I was busy working on the radio show, which should prove to be the missing part of the 27 Days equation.

Hopefully all the musings in the community, on the forums and IRC will equate to a great radio show! It is my intentions to hopefully start up the show on a regular basis every Friday in order to bring the community up to date on the latest in the community and from the development team. I can already guarantee we will a release day version of Urban Radio. Stay tuned for more details.

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Urban Radio Returns!

Urban Radio is gearing up for its first show since the final day off 2005. I find it hard to believe it has been over 8 months since I last was on air with Urban Radio. Unfortunately, life takes some turns and when they do you must make sure you don’t run off that road. It’s not all that bad, over the course of 8 months there has really not been much happening in the Urban Terror community. More gamers leaving the game then coming in. Not surprising considering the game is 6 years old. A feat I never thought I would see.

I guess that is a bit of a testament to the core group of gamers we have. But it seems to be more then that too. It’s also the friendships you make along the way. Aside from the team members I have worked with for 2-4 years, there are the gamers I have gotten to know. And one I married! So, I guess the game does hold a “special place” for me.

So Urban Radio comes back on Friday, August 25 on Inside the Game with a Q&A show based on community input. We are nearly half way through The 27 Days of Terror and going strong [if I am not crashing the web site]. Community support has probably been the strongest we have seen in nearly 6-8 months. But that does not equate to a success…yet. The decision to bring back Urban Radio is because of the community.

It will be interesting to see how strong the support for the show is, not only listeners who tune in, but those who visit the site and even download the recording after the fact. This will be another measuring stick for the upcoming release of Urban Terror. I am looking forward to the show, getting back behind the microphone and giving the community the latest news and note from Urban Terror.

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Turn Up the Radio!

For those who have followed me from Urban Terror and Inside The Game you might recall I hosted two radio shows called Urban Radio and Just Push Play [which I feature on the site]. Both shows have been somewhat non-existent this year due to the fact that I have very little free time. Unlike years past, that free time was spent in front of my computers. But a wife, a house and a son are just a few of the reasons I have not been able to follow through and continue those two shows on a regular basis.

Urban Radio will probably be the first to return as the development team [formerly known as Silicon Ice Development], Frozen Sand, LLC gears up for an all new release for Urban Terror. Some call it version 3.8, while others call it version 1.0. Some don’t care what it’s called, as long as it is released. Well, that I can guarantee it, it will be released. But prior to the release we will feature a 2-hour show that will take a look back over the years [coming on 6 years now] at Urban Terror, the team, events we have attended, leagues, the community and history. Not sure Urban Radio will become a regular feature as it once was on iTG or not. I believe a lot of it really depends on what becomes of my potential job opportunity.

I am not sure why, but Just Push Play never seemed to really catch on. Odd too considering the average gamer is in early to mid 30s, which would mean most grew up when I did during the 80s. Even when I began the show a few years back it never really brought in “big numbers” and was mostly done out of my love for all things 80s. I guess in the end that is all that matters, right? I there are many hardcore fans who will listen and others who would tune in if it were on. But I am not sure what direction I am going to take this show, if indeed I keep it. Maybe more music and less talk. We do have some good segments, include the Boob Tube, Flick Pick, Button Bashers, Album Rewind and Finish the Lyrics. So the makings of a good show are there. Maybe you have some thoughts? If you have not tuned in, download a previous show.

I have been thinking how to tie in a show more dedicated to the web site. I figured I could call it the 6th Floor WiRe or The 6th Floor Week in Review. I have seen other web sites I visit do similar things in podcast form, which is what I would tend to lean towards. None of it would be live, it would all be prerecorded and made available via feed once it was uploaded. The show would feature items that have made there way into the web site during the week. Since the site is updated on a regular basis, content is not really a big problem. I would also look to add a few dedicated segments to the web site in the coming weeks in order to support the podcast. Again, lots of this is still in the planning stage and would probably not take place for a month or so.

*Reminder* I still have a major update to do on the web site. So it might be done on Monday or Tuesday, but should return in much better form. Who knows maybe the comments section and RSS feeds will actually work when it gets upgraded. Same goes for the damn gallery plugin I still can’t get working correctly.

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Just Push Play #10: Rewind

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to have time set aside to present Just Push Play #10. It had been since January that JPP was last on the air and I was able to flashback and revisit the decade I remember so well, the 1980s. I had pre-produced about four shows with the intentions of playing them early in the year, but as things so often happen, time was just not on my side.

Just Push Play #10 can be downloaded now over at Filecloud. This was one of the better shows in recent play, with our Flick Pick, Blade Runner with Harrison Ford, we get up close and personal with Dave and Matty from Moonlighting, while we rewind with The Clash and Combat Rock. Our new Button Bashers segment featured Berzerk. We also debuted a new segment called Finish the Lyrics, where you the listener gets to participate. Congrats to illogical for winning the segment with 2.5 points!

JPP #11 is all ready to go as I am just revising some of the material, now a few month old. Time permitting, we would be pushing play this coming week. Stay tuned for more information over on Inside the Game.

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