2018 Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2018 was ushered in as we said goodbye to 2017. Unfortunately, as I look back in The 6th Floor archives, I failed to post my 2017 resolutions last year, first time since 2011. As for 2017, I am glad it’s over, as it was a very challenging and busy year, both personally […]

2016 Resolutions

While 2016 is still about 11 hours away as I type, it was about time to get on T6F and freshen up to my resolutions for this coming year. This year has been a great, from a personal standpoint but as with many years, there were still some shortcomings that need to be addressed in […]

2015 Resolutions

*sigh* It’s been another one of those years, as we say goodbye to 2014 and stare wide eyed at the upcoming year and what wondrous things it holds for me as I post my 2015 resolutions. It’s been a very challenging year as I look back on what has been accomplished, but more importantly where […]

2014 Resolutions

Here we are again, waving goodbye to 2013 and ringing in the new year. While it’s rare that my wife and I go out to a New Years Eve party, this year I am alone in the house, as she has taken my son to Disneyland with some friends. So it will be a very […]