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I just love Julie Marie and Jerry (J&J), originally from Chicago, transplanted in San Diego and more recently onto Southern Utah. I’ve followed her since her Plant Purity days, jumping on her “cheezy” scalloped potato recipe as a new plant-based eater. I thrived on a knew found knowledge behind Julie’s online classes, as well as books and information from Dr. John McDougall (The Startch Solution) and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a physician from the famed, Cleveland Clinic. While the research was done for me, I went all in on a plant-based lifestyle and the results were astounding! Not going to get into the why or how, but you can read my Protective Diet testimonial from 2014!

Come October, 2021 I will have been following a plant-based lifestyle for 10 years but the last year has been difficult. In fact life in general has been a real struggle the last three years and I have fallen into some bad habits, all of which I know Julie discusses in various videos. It’s got to a point that my plant-based lifestyle has teetered on a very fine line. While I’ve not forgot what Julie has taught, the willpower has caved and I’ve fallen on her protective diet, but did remain plant-based. Is there a difference? Yes there is, but her site has all the information you need. I know how bad and far I’ve fallen because I feel terrible. Clothes are “getting smaller” while aches and pains have returned to parts of body. The common denominator…the food I choose to eat.

I’ve tried the last few years to get back on the PD lifestyle, but have failed and fallen off after a month, struggling to get control of how to eat. While the last 12 months have been the most difficult with stay at home orders and a real lack of physical activity, weight has continued to come back. I don’t need a scale to give me an arbitrary number to tell me I am “fat” or overweight. I can feel the fruits of my poor habits every day and night and at 51 years old now, I don’t want to feel older than I am.

Thankfully, I am still healthy, even after a few knee and shoulder surgeries that I have recovered from. I am active…at times, going on hikes with my Boy Scout troop or scuba dive (4 dives a month) in Monterey. Yet, the running has stopped, but I did purchase a used bicycle but after buying the necessary equipment, I’ve probably rode it less than 20 miles. It’s all about wanting to change and making that effort, something I have yet to do. Looking back to 2011, my actions were deemed “extreme” by my primary physician and one reason I never returned to him after he told me I was being “unhealthy” by cutting out meat, dairy and added oils.

Watching Free Class #260, it feels like I am back on day one with Julie and Jerry. I know how and what to do when it comes to moving around the kitchen cooking the food. No, I won’t burn water and I really enjoy the PD recipes that have been created over the years. So how do I take that first step and continue forward each day, taking another positive step forward to gain control of my healthy again?

While my eating habits are okay, one of the contributing factors has been watching the “vegan” Instagram accounts that cook. Now, I am not being forced to make any of the recipes, but damn near every time tofu is used, how is it being cooked? You got it. Fried! Remember oil is still fat and not something used on a protective diet. At this point, I am not going to get into “well it’s healthy fat” or “its olive oil.” No oil in the ingredients or used in recipes. While the vegan results of these recipes look amazing, by no means do they follow what is taught by Julie.

Now, some of you might feel I am brainwashed by her teaching and recipes, but I’ve had the results to prove what she is so passionate about. Feeling amazing, running 50 mile races and finishing. No way could I have done that prior to changing my eating habits. No way! That for me was one of the key components to my success two years in row running the American River 50.

Now at age 51, I don’t want to feel I am “too old” or “too slow” or “not strong enough” to do anything I set my mind to. I’ll admit there have been times of weakness and have cheated. Over the last year, craft beer has been a real struggle. Guess it doesn’t help I am in a small group of friends who are passionate for a well done craft beer, regardless of style. Yet, I’ve got firsthand knowledge of just where those simple ingredients of water, barley and hops go. Remember, I said my clothes were getting smaller? Hahah….no, I was getting bigger.

Today is that first step to the 5 month challenge that Julie proposed in #260, regardless of how much you need to lose. I’ve got a number in mind, but I refuse to step on the scale to confirm my current weight. I know it’s now where I want it to be and I know that I am in control of how I want to feel. So thank you Julie and Jerry for all you do , in order to bring good healthy to people worldwide with your recipes and support.

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