Emerson Ranch vs DeNova Homes

It’s been nearly two years since I’ve mentioned DeNova Homes and my social media campaign, #DONTBUYDENOVA on this website. While many problems continue to exist, the frontline fight is over. Contacted a few years ago by a few law firms, one decided to pursue, chasing down the developer on behalf of the frustrated homeowners. On August 16, 2019 I received an email from the law firm, Shinnick & Ryan, LLP, located in San Diego, California. This was to be the first homeowners meeting with Lucas Edwards from the law firm regarding steps going forward in a case against DeNova Homes.

Along with some literature received and time to air grievances from homeowners involved, I did bring to light my social media campaign, which received a rousing response from those in attendance. I had come prepared with hundreds of documents and images to share, along with my red and white campaign banner that reads: “BUYER BEWARE #DONTBUYDENOVA” that was created, more out of frustration then actual use. It might get some play when DeNova Homes opens their models of their upcoming development, Delaney Park, located next to the Emerson Ranch development.

Earlier this month, nearly five years after we made a bad decision to buy a DeNova Homes structure, we received a positive letter from Shinnick & Ryan, LLP. In the past the saga continued with random letters updating homeowners on the progress of the case. Prior to this early April email, the most promising letter I read stated that DeNova Homes would not pay to correct problems still remaining in their Emerson Ranch development, nor would they let their people inspect the homes for open claims.

I’ve spent the better part of two days, using the posts on this website, along with hundreds of emails between myself and DeNova Homes to recreate the buffoonery I’ve dealt with since purchasing this home. I know this post won’t please my realtor (now in Texas), as I will need to disclose all this to the next owner who buys this home, but right now that is of little consequence to me. It’s more important to continue to promote #DONTBUYDENOVA and keep others prospect homeowners from dropping their hard earned money on a home built by a company that doesn’t give a shit about “commitment to quality and integrity.” Rest assured their new development will be priced well above what I paid for our Emerson Ranch home. Sadly, the quality will be no better.

Pulling together documents, I am looking over a 6-page index listing 49 emails or chains between myself and the developer, which equates to a stack of paper almost two inches thick and well over 100 individual emails! I’ve also got over 250 images to print and include in a package, along with 18 posts from this website. I will be sending all this information to the law firm, at their request. This, along with other required documents related to the sale and maintenance of the home, they are asking for, as this class action lawsuit continues to move forward.

It still begs the question, “have you actually enjoyed your home?” Words echoed by my realtor after more complaining about the developer on the Internet. Sadly, no there has been no joy in home ownership. The evidence is overwhelming when it comes to the poor craftsmanship and attention to detail put into this home. I’ve have many people on social media comment on my cause, citing similar frustrations or swaying them away from a DeNova built home.

As I walk out the front door, I am reminded daily, as I step on the cracked entryway patio and look up and down the street. in my immediate area (8 homes), just one set of neighbors are original owners, everyone else has since departed. Looking to the south, down the end of the street, I know there are even more who have more recently moved into Emerson Ranch, probably happy with their purchase as a second (or third) owner. However, I will continue to fight the good fight and support Shinnick & Ryan in documentation they are requesting to keep this lawsuit moving forward.

Confidence is high there will be some resolution and while I am not doing this for the money, I do hope potential homeowners will read what my experience has been and seriously think about looking for another home than to give your money away to DeNova Homes.

If you want to play catchup, here are all the posts going back to January, 2016.

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