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After yesterday’s post and poor installation on our bathtub surround we have decided to go a different direction. While frustration has gotten the better part of us, my wife I can’t believe we are the only people in our development who have experienced problems. In fact I know others have had issues with their new homes, but not sure what lengths they have gone to in order to resolve them. DeNova Homes probably views me as “that homeowner” when it comes to our expectations not being met, but taking our battle to social media, which has been effective, but hasn’t resolved the initial problem. We are pleased to be dealing with Lori Sanson, the Vice President of the company, who seems to have a vested interest in our problems and to resolve them.

After further discussion with my wife, we have decided to hire a professional contractor to do what DeNova’s sub-contractors seemingly can’t accomplish. After the initial tub surround installation and Thursday’s second attempt to replace the entire surround, we will remove and replace our master bathroom tub surround. Yesterday, I met with the individual who’s tasked with the job. As he measured and discussed what he was going to do, he was appalled by the poor job that Marble Palace did to replace the e-stone walls. Measurements confirmed the fact the walls weren’t even and one piece of e-stone is cut too short. As for this upcoming demolition and replacement, my wife and I are going to foot the bill for the repairs.

Fair to us as homeowners? Not the least, but we are tired, disappointed and frustrated to the point of anxiety of getting things accomplish and want to start enjoying the house. It’s only been 8 months since I brought this issue to DeNova Homes prior to the close of escrow, at which point I was told it would be taken care of. Since March 17, the bathtub surround has gone from bad to worst to unacceptable! This latest installation of the tub surround, as I highlight yesterday is terrible! I would like to think that my friends and other DeNova homeowners in similar situations wouldn’t accept the work and seek to resolve the ongoing tub surround issue.

As of today, my wife has not received any phone calls from Ms. Sanson, nor have I received a reply from her. However she did text the warranty manager and voiced her displeasure. It appears we will have another visit by DeNova Homes to see the work accomplished before they decide to move forward. For us, demolition begins Tuesday morning, regardless if DeNova Homes has been to view the tub surround or not. We don’t want to wait any longer to get the tub surround professional tiled.

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