Camping: Cutter Scout Reservation

cutter_scoutToday will mark a first in my life at age 45, I am going camping. For me, in the past camping has been a nice beach cabana or hotel room, with running water and bed. But for this adventure, my son and I will be headed to the mountains of Santa Cruz (Cutter Scout Reservation) with Cub Scout Pack 1155 out of Brentwood, CA. This is my first time, going camping, a camping virgin, but as Roebrt Baden-Powell said, “Be prepared!” Prepared is something Zachary and I are.

We have spent the better part of the last week putting together our camping gear list and buying a few items we did not have, such as a pair of Kelty sleeping bags, which was our biggest expense. Thankfully my MIL had bins of gear, including two gas stoves and more kitchen supplies that I planned to take. My wife already had a tent and an new air mattress that has yet to be inflated. Earlier this week I set up the tent, so I knew what I was doing and connected the stove and lanterns to the propane tank to make sure all was in working order. Remember, “Be prepared!”

I put together our camping checklist of what we needed to bring. I discussed food options with my son, told him what I planned on cooking ahead of time, just to make our food options a bit easier. On my days off I cooked up some black bean chili, baked jalapeno cornbread muffins, banana bread, tortilla chips and salsa. While not “PD” (see Protecive Diet), I figured I owed it to my son to let him cook hot dogs over an open flame, as well as experience s’mores…so I picked up the ingredients for him to enjoy. We will also be making some sort of dinner in foil packets over our camp stove.

The weekend is planned according to an itinerary, which will only allot about 2 hours (during the day) when we have “free time” to do whatever we want. The boys will be going on hikes, shooting BB guns, learning archery and making a few crafts. I am looking forward to the hikes, there are two loops recommended, one that focuses on the logging industry and  redwood trees, while the other talks about the flora and fauna. It’s my hope I will have free time before everyone wakes up and I get a trail run in on the 3.5 miles of trails that surround the camp.

It’s my hope that Zachary (and the other scouts) have an awesome adventure and he wants to go camping again. I would love to road trip to some of the wilderness I saw when I was a kid; Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon, a landmark I have need visited only seen from 35,000 feet up.

With any luck he will be putting together a short video (for You Tube, so he says), which will also plan on showing to his den or the entire pack. It’s his hope to get enough video and moderate the experience of his first camping trip. Regardless of what happens, we will learn quite a bit over this weekend and look forward to spending some father/son time together.

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