Haunting Begins

Let the haunting begin! Construction on the haunted house started a few days ago. I decided not to wait any longer and picked up all the PVC from my storage unit. Once I arrive home, I started separating all the connectors from the pipe and organizing it by length and type to make assembly quicker and easier. Last year it took Mark and I additional time to measure and cut many of the runs of pipe we were going to use, along with purchasing fittings to attach the PVC together.

pvc_pipeNow with a large inventory of PVC after last year’s haunted house it’s my intention to layout the entire haunt in my front yard, section by section. Tuesday I laid out section one on our lawn. It worked out well. Going off my plans I had to cut a few 7′ pipes to complete some of the longer, 6′ runs. Once I had all the pipe in place on the grass I grabbed the fittings and placed them at each intersection, depending on what it called for.

The entire process took less than hour to cut and set up. If I wanted to, I probably could have erected the walls (7′ pipes) to provide the real look of the layout. I didn’t see a reason to do this, as it would take more time. I bundled all the PVC together, bagged the connectors and labeled each. Section one was done.

Today, I will be putting together section three, which is that last third of the haunt. I am initially skipping section two because it is going to require the purchase of plywood and two by fours to create a stable hallway. It will also require me to devise a way to connect the PVC to the plywood. I don’t see this as a problem, but will be the most time consuming part of the actually layout of the haunt since there is additional construction.

Section three is 14’x25′ and unlike last year I believe there will be a fair amount of unused PVC. Last year the labyrinth took too much time to build and really didn’t turn out as anticipated, as the corridors were very narrow and confining. This is what happens when you need to adjust the plans on the fly because you ran out of space based on the incorrect measurements during the planning phase. Gone is the labyrinth replaced by some new haunts we are looking to add.

section1_layoutA highlight of section three is a room I created last year, the dot room. It will be the only haunt included from last year because it took me, my wife, mother-in-law and PTA members so much damn time to paint all the colored circles on 8 sets of sheets that represented the walls. I plan on using Gesso and repainting the yellow dots, which didn’t come out very well last year. Also planning on purchasing a Super Skin Black Zentai Bodysuit in order to paint colored dots. Last year it was sweat pants, sweat shirt and a mask. Talk about HOT! Hopefully this body suit will breath a bit better and allow dots to be painted easier.

Along with construction I am organizing details that will be included in the haunted house this year. What’s great it with 4 months before the Harvest Carnival, those involved will have time to really bring the haunt alive this year. Big plans, hopefully we can live up the hype and expectations. Did I mention clowns?

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