Bsalogo1For some strange reason I feel I don’t have enough on my plate, so I am taking on another challenge. Actually in support of my son, we are getting involved in scouting. At age 8 I joined the Cub Scouts (Pack 618) and was involved for a few years before sports truly became my love. Scouting fell by the wayside. My wife and I have have discussed scouting with Zachary the last year or so. I showed him the Pinewood Derby cars, which seemingly a hit with all the kids. While stapling papers in his classroom a few weeks back I saw a flyer or handout to join.

My wife and I had discussed scouting last year, but decided not to join the local pack. Upon meeting Todd and Mike at Baskin Robbins last week, there was a very good feeling about this pack. Todd was very informative about the opportunities for Zachary and for myself. I mentioned I would like to volunteer to help as well. I took the application and filled it out, search the pack website and read up a little bit on scouting, as I didn’t go very far with it as a youth.

We joined the last pack meeting on the year earlier in the week. I met Todd and Mike again and Zachary was partnered with a group of boys moving into the 3rd grade. We listened for about 45 minutes, as scouts were awarded achievements  and a scouting leader received an award. All the boys had a chance to make and fly their own paper airplane, as a few dens performed some skits. As the meeting drew to a close, the parent meeting started. Much of what Todd discussed was mentioned to me the previous week.

I was excited to find out I will have the pick of my position in scouting. As I said, I don’t have enough to do, so I offered to volunteer my time. I have choices of being the quartermaster of the pack secretary. Right now I am leaning towards managing all the equipment for the pack. Regardless of what capacity I work in, I am looking forward to making new friends and being more involved with my son. Hopefully scouting takes him further than it took me.

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