Stronglifts Log

I decided to track my Stronglifts 5×5 progress on my website. I currently post a daily log of each workout I accomplish, but it isn’t readily available for all interested parties to read. If you missed my initial post, this is a 12-week program I have embarked on to gain strength and develop muscle. Currently closing in on the end of my 4th week and I do feel stronger and seem to have a new found confidence when I step into the squat rack or lay back on a bench.

I broke down the Stronglifts 12-week program by week, each are listed until the McDougall –> Stronglifts tab in the menu. I will be adding some pictures of the progress and videos of my squats. Hopefully one person find these useful in their journey to gain strength.

I have been very impressed with the program so far. As I mentioned before it feels good to walk into the gym and know what you want to accomplish and the weights you will be using. Just this week I added a few warm up sets to the squat and bench, as well as starting to work on PRs or personal records. These are the best weight you lifted for each exercise.

Once the 12-week program is accomplished, I plan on setting long term (1 year) goals in order to achieve. Right now, it’s difficult to say just where I am when looking 12 months out. By the end of the program, I should have a much better idea about my strength and what I believe I can accomplish.

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