Body Fat vs Lean Muscle Mass

Today marks my second body fat test, also known as hydrostatic testing. This is a procedure where you step into a tub of water and are weighed. Then you expel as much air out of your lungs while submerged and a scale is read. This weight is compared to your wet weight and your lean body mass and body fat are determined. This is the “gold standard” when it comes to knowing you body mass.

Since I decided to get healthy, this was a test I wanted to take. I was fortunate to have that opportunity at my sports club back in June (Read Body Composition Analysis). Now, 4 month later I will see if I have hit my goal, which was to lose 5 pounds of fat and to drop my body fat from 15.6% to 13%. This would be a big step for me. I have been working out faithfully 3-4 times a week, including 30-45 minutes of cardio. I feel better now than I did 4 months ago and have been keeping the weight off while following a plant-strong lifestyle.

One thing I need to remember is NOT to get caught up in the numbers. I am sure I would have been just as successful accomplishing the decrease in my blood work numbers (134 point drop in my TC) , as well as losing weight ( lost 44 pounds) even if I had not paid attention to the numbers. I followed the basic rules of omitting meat, dairy (all of it!) and oil to my diet and I was amazed at how quickly the weight drop and I started to feel better.

I have been recording my daily meals using Fit Day (many favor CRON-o-meter), while allows me to see just how I am doing when it comes to total calories, how those are broken down and if I am meeting my RDA on minerals and vitamins. I also have recorded my weight daily, which gives me a quick visual that changing my lifestyle has been the best decision I have made for my health.

Today’s test will be a success no matter what the results. I have stuck to his lifestyle and now nearly 12 months later don’t miss the meat or dairy and no longer add oil in my cook. My overall weight is down about 4-5 pounds from the June test, so I expect to see an increase in my lean body mass. If you do have the opportunity and want to see just where you are, I recommend “getting tanked.”

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