100 Push Ups: 4 Weeks Down

100 Push Ups: 4 Weeks DownThis 100 push up program continues to challenge my fitness level as I move closer to the 6 week goal. While I don’t want to put a negative spin on this, I have doubts I will make the 100 push up goal in 2 weeks. Week 4 had me doing a minimum of 112 push ups and that number only increased during the week. Now that I am staring at week 5, beginning tomorrow, I will be performing another exhaustion test today that will set my level for week 5.

No matter what happens at the end of 6 weeks, I have gotten stronger and am able to accomplish more push ups now that I have at any point in my life. The last exhaustion test after week 2 I completed netted me 30 push ups. This time I have no doubts it will be over 40 push ups accomplished putting me in the top category, which means I start with a minimum of 170 push ups on Monday (in 5 sets).

Even if I don’t make my goal, I will continue to keep push ups as part of my weekly regiment. These push up sets fall on my non-work out days (Mon, Wed, Fri) in order to give the muscles some rest. Once I finish this program it’s on to the 200 sit ups to firm up and tone the abs, which have seen a change since starting my gym routine.