100 Push Ups: 2 Weeks Down

100 Push Ups: 2 Weeks DownJune as a good month, I underwent a body composition analysis sponsored by local gym, Diamond Hills Sports Club. A few days after reading and dissecting the 4-page report I made another commitment based on the results to lose 5 pounds of fat and decrease my body fat to 13%. In addition to lifting weights 3-4 times a week and doing 30-45 minutes of cardio I decided to add a push up program to my regime I read about at hundredpushups.com. It 2 weeks down and 4 to go, as I finished up week 2 on Friday and performed an exhaustion test last night.

The initial push up test yielded a result of 20 push ups, more than I thought I could do, but still those trips to the gym have increased my strength, so maybe I should not have been so surprised. After 2 weeks of push ups on alternating days I am making good progress. The fifth set gets challenging, as you are supposed to max out on how many push ups you can do, but there is a minimum number to meet. The last day of week 2, after doing sets of 16,17,14 and 14, the minimum of the fifth set was 20. I struggled towards the end, but met the goal and totaled 81 push ups in 5 sets.

Last night was an exhaustion test, same in nature to the initial test. I performed as many good form push ups as I could do and finished with 30. That’s an increase in 10 push ups since I started this regime 2 weeks ago. I will consider that a step in the right direction, but things don’t get easier. Today it will be a minimum of 80 push ups, with 20 (min) coming in the last set. Day 2 of the third week will be 95 followed by a total of 120 on Friday (28 minimum in the last set).

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