Cat to Growl?

It’s time to dust off the ’68 Cougar category. It’s been a bit over 2 years since I last visited this topic. Money is the one thing you need when you are restoring a classic cat. While I am not intending my car to be show quality, it will be consider a complete restoration. Along with money, which I am not putting towards the cat, is time. With my family responsibilities, going to work, the gym and other priorities, spending a few hours during my day off working on the car has been non-existent.

I walked across the street to see how my neighbor was coming on his 50-something Chevy. Needless to say he has made great progress in the last few years on the body and much of the undercarriage. While I am sure I have more pressing priorities, I might actually try to finish up the engine compartment and get the engine on its mounts in the next few months. At this time, the compartment is nearly stripped and I was looking to spray a rubberized undercoating on it before dropping the engine in.

There are quite a few other tasks that need to be accomplished in the engine compartment before I could install the engine. With a few days to myself, as my wife and son are on vacation, I might roll the Cougar backwards tomorrow and put some time into the restoration. It’s hard to believe I have dropped over $15,000 into this car and it’s nowhere near drivable.

At this point I think it’s a matter of taking inventory on the parts I have and get to work on those items I can. Drivable looking like a clunker is fine with me. Some might actually call it a “sleeper” but we will see. with any luck I can put a solid day of work into the Cougar tomorrow.