Over the Top?

Another day, another video, from another TSA checkpoint. I don’t believe these people will ever understand their place, as it relates to airport/airline security. But your experience will be helpful when you apply to Walmart or the mall, so just remember that. Base on those few comments or past TSA related posts, I am not a big supporter of the TSA or their “iron fist” tactics at security checkpoints. This is one reason why I chose NOT to fly. The other reason, I really have no place to go, but if I did I would consider driving first.

While I do believe this woman is overreacting, with a bit of flair for the dramatic the ensuing video of her son being confronted, first by the TSA, followed by a ‘Ground Security Coordinator’ (GSC) from Southwest Airlines. “A Ground Security Coordinator is an employee of an airline who is designated to interface with aircrew, law enforcement officers, and others in matters of security.” This supervisor (I assume) tells the person filming, “it’s illegal” followed by “do you want to fly anywhere?” He is very confrontation and threatening in his approach. Hmmm, that was something I wasn’t taught when I went through my GSC training for United. Then again, I would not get involved in this situation, since it’s solely between the passenger and the TSA.

From the TSA Blog, which is really nothing more than a mouthpiece is this piece of information,

We don’t prohibit public, passengers or press from photographing, videotaping, or filming at screening locations…local laws, state statutes, or local ordinances might

Yet when the Phoenix Police Department arrive they do nothing to the individual filming and while not completely clear, they took the woman in question back out of the sterile area. Now there was some discussion this had happened multiple times by the family in question. Not surprise the local authorities don’t do much to back the complaint of the woman. Although, near the end of the video you can hear the peace officer say “I don’t think they will let you fly.”

There are other ways to go ab out making your Fourth Amendment Right statement. I have highlighted a few in past Aviation “in”Security pieces. I would stand up for my rights and refuse to be molested by the TSA. Chances are I would turn around and walk away (if they allowed me). It’s a broken process that doesn’t further aviation security. I have called it “window dressing” in the past and will stand by that statement. This “make work program” has not deterred terrorists from striking the U.S. or taking down our nation’s airlines.

Weight Goal Achieved!

What started as nothing more than watching a documentary that was recommended to me has turned into an amazing transformation on the road to health. Along the way I have tossed out conventional thinking as it relates to nutrition, the way I was taught growing up. Instead I opted to further research the claims made and the results that were achieved. Today I can sit here healthier than I was this time last year, I am down 42 pounds and now exceeded my goal of a weight of 175 pounds.

It’s been 8 months and 3 days (227 days) since I took responsibility for my own health and decided I had to make changes. Extreme as some may think those changes are, including my doctor (who isn’t out for my best interest) it was the correct decision for me. Now at my intended goal of 175 pounds I feel great! The results from previous lipid panels (blood tests) don’t lie, as my total cholesterol and associated numbers continue to improve. A few weeks ago I had one of the best set of blood pressure numbers I have recorded in many years.

Based on the 1940s Rice Diet Program by Walter Kempner, M.D. a chart was published that reflected height vs. weight (click for chart). These figures were “what Kempner considered to be reasonable adult weight in proportion to height.” By today’s standard many would look at these relationships and think it would be too skinny. Yet today’s perception of a “healthy weight” has changed in the last 10 to 20 years. People are getting fatter an obesity is a problem. The chart is used now by Dr. McDougall to reassure people they are “not becoming too thin on the McDougall Diet.”

Using my height of 72″ as an example, the chart says a healthy weight is 160 pounds. By today’s standard many would think I was sick, possibly even anorexic. The quicker test is stand naked in front of a mirror and ask yourself, “Do you like what you see?” If the answer is no, then you should consider changes in your diet. It’s all about individual perception. I feel and look better today than I did this time last year. I reiterate that I am healthier now that I was and continue to improve on my health simply because of my diet.

So what’s next? Improving my physique by working out at the gym. I have a coworker I lift weights with and while our goals are different, he is invaluable when it comes to teaching me the proper technique and how to fill out the new body I have. In just 30 days I have seen some minor changes. My arms look a bit bigger and I can now flex some muscles in my chest. My wife comments on my shoulders be larger as well.

Yet the key to a healthy lifestyle is diet. This time around I have been successful in combining diet and exercise to get me where I am today. I won’t have any problem maintaining this weight. Looking over the past 4 months, as I have been tracking my food it’s interesting to see the slow weight decrease in 30 day increments. Over the last 30 days my weight has varied by only 3 pounds. It’s difficult to lose those last few pounds, something I can now attest to but I am happy I have finally got them off.