Surgery: The Day After

It’s been just over 24 hours since I had my left knee surgery. While the procedure was considered “minor” by the orthopedic surgeon, it was a considerable tear I was told after the fact. Today, I am really feeling the effects of the surgery. My knee is in tremendous pain, but I am trying to hold off taking the prescribed pain medication (Vicodin). I was told to use them as needed for the pain, but the side effects are not friendly and it would really make me worthless at home.

I have a follow up appointment already scheduled for Monday when he will remove the sutures. While I was up and moving earlier this morning, it wasn’t at a breakneck pace. The release paperwork said to get up and walk, if possible so I did that this morning while running a few errands. It might have been too much as the knee is throbbing as I sit here with two bags of peas keeping it cool.

I might looking into a water aerobic class to start next week, depending on the pain. Very little stress on the knee while in the water and it could provide a nice work out. Not sure how this class will work into my work and personal schedule. As for the exercise, I figure I will take the rest of this week off and hopefully get to the gym on Monday for some weights and maybe 30 minutes of easy bike riding.

I figure a few weeks and the knee will be back to normal and I will be doing everything pain free. Until that time, I will be a bit slowed by the swelling and pain that currently hampers me. Thankfully it was the right decision to get the knee fixed and not live with the pain.