Surgery Today!

Finally! And to think, it only too the medical establishment 2 months to make the correct diagnosis. I probably should have pushed for an MRI sooner, didn’t think the orthopedic would decide to take the easy way out, citing “arthritis” instead of trying to resolve my pain. Only the bright side, he did try to push Big Pharma on me, which I rejected.

I had a pre-operation appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and he quickly explained the 45 minute procedure to repair…well remove the torn part of the meniscus. Unlike the ACL replacement on my right knee 3 years ago, today’s procedure is “minor” in his words. I should not be couch bound for too long anyway. I am hoping to be back up and walking around later today or tomorrow. At any rate it’s back to work on Thursday, as I am not planning any time off from work.

There will be three arthroscopic incisions made around my knee. Unlike the previous surgery, which required a piece of my patellar tendon to replace the torn ACL, today’s procedure won’t both any of the ligaments, tendons or muscles or so I was told. Hopefully I will still have feeling in the left knee when the procedure is completed. So hopefully by tomorrow the inflammation, swelling and most importantly the pain will be gone and I will be to a pain free lifestyle.

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