Surgery Scheduled

Surgery has been scheduled for May 8 to remove a torn piece of my medial meniscus. It’s a procedure that is common and should take about 45 minutes with the orthopedic surgeon making three incisions around my knee. He tells me (although I am having a hard time believing him) I will walk out with nothing more than an ace bandage on. Okay doc! And this initially WAS just osteoarthritis. Right?

Currently I am not planning on taking any time off from work, with the hopes of returning to work on Thursday, just 2 days later. My mom has her doubts as she has undergone this routine procedure numerous times. Regardless of the outcome, I am done with soccer something I have mentioned before.

In place of soccer, I have started working out at the local sports club (aka gym). After a 90 minute workout session with a co-worker of mine I was able to ride the equivalent to 11.19 miles on a stationary bike, keeping my heart rate above 142 BPM for all but 4 minutes. The knee didn’t feel too bad after the end of the ride, so I am hoping to slowly increase the duration of the cardio.

With any luck I will make it to the gym 4 days a week working chest, arms, shoulder and back with increasing cardio each workout, as well as cardio on days I am not lifting weights. Since I have already backed out of the target date of September 22, which was the Tough Mudder competition in Lake Tahoe I am just aiming to improve my physique and continue to lower my blood work numbers. In fact with the surgery I am required to have another blood test, so I will see if my numbers have improve over the a month.