Plant Based Clarity

There was a recent question posed in the McDougall Forums that read, “Has this WOE improved your mood/concentration/energy?” Now that I have been following this lifestyle for 5 months, 15 days I have noticed non-physical changes, especially in energy and clarity coupled with the improvement on my weight and blood work numbers. It hasn’t been easy and I have sacrificed many foods that were promoting atherosclerosis and heart disease, but I would not have it any other way.

The more reading and research I do the more this “way of eating” or WOE makes good health sense. I am now appalled when I walk through the supermarket at the crap that many people buy. I am notice just how obese MANY people in our society are and they are doing nothing to improve their health. Especially as it relates to eating.

Last week I took a trip to Winco to pick up some vegetables and couscous, unfortunately I picked the wrong checkout line. The lady in front of me was severely obese and obviously buying for quite a few kids. The food she was pulling out of her cart was nothing healthy! It was frozen this, processed that, sugar-filled foods and two bags of vegetables. It was amazing to watch the amount of unhealthy food that came out of this cart. Here I stand with my vegetables and couscous…waiting.

I mentioned clarity a moment ago, but I now notice just how unhealthy Americans are. Not sure I paid much attention to before changing my diet. All you need to do is visit the local supermarket and look at these obese people pushing their shopping carts and watch what they buy. Many follow this same regiment, daily. Many are also misled by food labels and don’t pay attention to what the nutritional data or ingredients say, just what the misleading advertising reads.

She’s not the only one. Many people are brought up thinking meat is needed for protein and milk helps promote strong bones. Those are thoughts promoted by the beef and dairy industry, who are all in this for one reason…and it’s not your health. It’s money, the bottom line, they don’t care about your health and only want to promote their food with flashy advertisements and star studded people flashing a milk mustache. I grew up under this misconception and it’s taken 42 years to realize my mistake and make the necessary changes.

I now feel I have an obligation to my son, who is only 6 years old to grow up healthy and strong. That cannot be accomplished on meat and dairy. Scientific research proves this, from doctors such as T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.

Dr. Esselstyn recommends, “no animal protein, no oil (nuts and avocado in small portions), no sugars (even natural ones like maple syrup, molasses or honey), no fruit juices/smoothies. If it seems extreme, consider the typical western diet that guarantees that we’ll have an epidemic of heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, stroke and other chronic killing diseases” (source). Dr. Campbell and Dr. John McDougall both stress a similar diet to prevent and reverse disease.

It’s unfortunate that many Americans won’t get the message and if they do, will ignore it. My personal experience has been nothing but jokes when it comes to how I eat. Very few people don’t understand the reasons why I am following this lifestyle, many consider it a “diet” and due the extreme nature or their hardheadedness won’t accept change to better their health. All I need to do is look around in our office, the message has been well received by myself. Thankfully I have the necessary changes and now promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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