Coincidence?: Part 2

It really comes as no surprise that the nurse practitioner said I injured my left MCL. I knew that before I made the call to get an appointment. Unfortunately this situation is like watching a rerun of what happened in 2009. The same diagnosis, “nothing damage” but take some anti-inflammatory medication, ice and heat. That didn’t do much back in 2009 when 5 days later I fell down the stairs. There WAS something wrong. This time around the knee feels just as sore, if not more and I can’t walk with support of a very nasty hobble.

Today in addition to the ice and heat I have been wearing a knee brace for a little extra support. My main fear is the knee giving out without any notice Not that knowing this ahead of time in 2009 would have prevented the inevitable. So I am going to give this MCL injury a week or so and then request to see the orthopedic or at least get x-rays or an MRI. I believe the first time around the x-rays couldn’t tell anything, while the MRI did reveal the tear in the right ACL.

So until that time I will deal with the pain that I am having regardless what I am doing, sitting, standing, walking, lying down as it makes no difference. I cannot put much pressure on my left leg because of the MCL. While I am hoping for the best, I don’t believe I will return to the soccer field, even if things turn out for the best and there is no damage, just a strain. If it is the worse and it’s torn there is a good chance I will miss out on the family vacation that starts on March 18.I can’t continue to batter and bruise my body at age 42. Time to pass the ball to my son regardless of how this situation turns out.

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