How weird is this? On March 4, 2009 (read the post) I received confirmation I had torn my right ACL playing indoor soccer when I hyper-extended the knee. Now 3 years later to the day, I injured my left knee. Depending on who you ask (me or my wife) you will get a different cause. My wife believes I injured it on Sunday playing outdoor soccer (on another artificial surface). If you ask me, I believe the injury was caused last night while on my hands and knees working on a surround sound system for a friend. I guess the actual cause is irrelevant, but what are the chances of another knee injury exactly 3 years later?

Unlike last time I am not waiting to see if the knee gets better. This time around the pain is more excruciating, but similar in feel and location when it comes to how the torn ACL in the right knee felt. Worst case I torn something, like an MCL or an ACL, while the best case is a sprained knee. Regardless of what the result turns out to be I have played my final soccer game. It’s time to pass on the sport to my son, who at age 6 is ready to play.

I will have to post an update later today when it comes to the result of the appointment with the family nurse practitioner. Chances are slim she will be able to tell me much and probably require and MRI with a referral to the orthopedic surgeon.

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