Black Thursday?

I don’t like to shop, so it’s really no surprise I avoid this hyped up event called “Black Friday.” There is nothing I need to buy for myself or others that would require me to drag my butt to a retailer in the dead of night, only to wait in line for a chance to purchase a sale item. No sale is THAT good in my opinion. Today is the start of “retail season” deals will be plentiful (again, in my opinion) the rest of the month and yes…even after Christmas.

My wife and best friend, braved the cold and the crowds to buy…whatever. She was busy flipping though retail ads yesterday during Thanksgiving, putting together a plan as to where to go and what to buy. As I already said, nothing is that important that I need to go out in the dead of night to purchase.

Funny thing was my wife hit me up, “How much money are you going to give me?” Excuse me? None. I am responsible for bills and living expenses and “Black Friday” was not in my budget. Sorry. Even things like DVDs, which my wife said were less than $2.00 did not thrill me. My son, he is set…at least in my opinion thanks to my wife (again) and her purchasing of items the past few months. The kid will be a master Lego builder soon.

I know I have said this in the past years, but I don’t need anything for Christmas. In fact I don’t want anything for Christmas, the holiday has become too commercial for me and it’s no longer centered around family but presents, more receiving than giving. My wife seems to buy, buy, buy for the next 30 days. Not sure why all these presents are needed, guess she feels it’s “never enough.”

As is typical, I will wait until the last minute to find something to give my wife. Hell, I might even just give her the money and she can find whatever she wants. The last place I want to be is in and around the local retail establishments to battle other people, the traffic and the stupidity that accompanies both. Best of luck to you on your shopping adventures!