TSA and Acts of Lewdness?

Child Molester Ralph David AndersonWow, why does this not hit me as a surprise? The headline reads, DA charges Spring Creek man with lewdness. While Elko, Nevada is not a thriving metropolis there are still degenerates who need work and find comfort and a paycheck in the government make work program known as a the Transportation Security Administration. This is the same agency charged with the responsibility of protecting air travelers. Unfortunately Ralph David Anderson, 61 found comfort in “six counts of lewdness with a child.”

This sick fuck got his molestation training from the TSA and probably enjoyed his position at the agency having the responsibility to “pat down” people and especially children. Sick and twisted? Yep, sure is. But he is really no different than many of the other child molesters out on the street today. This guy is paid by the government to perform his acts that included, teaching various sex acts, having sexual contact, teaching the under 14 year old girl to “say various vulgar words associated with body parts and sexual activities,” rub lotion over his body, watch porn and drink alcohol.

Together this dirt bag was charged with only six counts by the Elko Sheriff’s Department. What’s worse is this guy is being held on ONLY a $250,000 bond! Why? I am quite surprised Big Sis and “The Pisser” (John Pistole) aren’t there to stand behind his actions and bail him out in order to get him back to his screening position. What a joke! I’, sorry aviation security in the USA is a completely joke.

Being we are nearing 10 years since the U.S. Government’s “inside job” known as 9-11 and things are no better. Many sheeple are processed daily by the TSA and many accept, what is now the “norm” when they fly. It’s unfortunately more of the population doesn’t stand up to TPTB (the powers that be) and fight for their freedoms and rights as individuals of this once great nation.

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  1. Another TSA screener arrested for child molestation making this the 7th TSA screener arrested since December of 2010 for a sex related crime. This is what you get when the Government sanctions child molestation, sexual assault and strip searches in the guise of airport security.
    DA charges Spring Creek TSA Screener with Lewdness & Child Molestation

    The others include:
    TSA Agent Rapes 14 Year Old Girl
    PHL TSA Screener Charged with Child Pornography
    TSA agent arrested for molestation (Orlando, FL)
    TSO Arrested for Rape in Londonderry NH
    A TSO arrested for kidnapping and attempted rape in ATL.
    RIC TSA Officer Bob Seashols Admits Plot to Post Porn on Christian Site

    This now makes 44 screeners arrested for serious crimes in the past nine months. No other organization, public or private, has a comparable level of criminal conduct by employees.

    • Outstanding list! I have been following the forums on Travel Underground only recently and there is a considerable amount of credible information there. Thanks for the comment!

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