2010 CQ Worldwide DX Goals

This afternoon begins the 2010 CQ Worldwide DX Contest (SSB) at 0000z, 30 October and runs though 2400z, 31 October. While SSB is not my strongest mode, I will put in some type of effort this weekend. Last year during this contest I only participated for 4 hours, 47 minutes making  103 QSOs on 15, 20 and 40M. I expect a bit more of an effort this year. I will most likely start off this afternoon as the clock strikes 0000z.

The hex beam is still at 20′, so while my signal seems to get out very well, as I operated mainly 20M during the recent ‘K6B’ operation, I expect my signal to be lost in “splatter alley.” Not a big deal really. I will search and pounce whatever I can find. My goals in this contest are to exceed last year’s numbers by 25%, which equates to an additional 26 QSOs. Time is something I won’t have this weekend, as I need to prep the house for new carpet to be installed starting Monday. Saturday night is a Halloween party, that my wife and son will be attending with friends and Sunday, pending any rain I play soccer.

I had hoped to get over to N6RO and operate with Dean Straw, N6BV. He has made the offer a number of times to listen in as he works (15M usually) during these contests. His experience as an operator is second to none and I know I could learn a considerable amount from him. But as I said, time is something I don’t have much of. Thankfully the station is in good working order. I still have not investigated the 6Hz (wide) SSB signal I was putting out, as reported by N6RO minutes prior to the start of the CQP.

My second goal during CQ WW is to add some new countries and zones to the logbook. I was hoping to WAZ (Worked All Zones) by the end of the year, but I am still short never having worked many zones in the Middle East and Africa. I also hope to finally work my initial DXCC (confirmed). I have worked well over 100 DXCC, but 13 countries short of confirming the award. Regardless of what happens this weekend the operating will be enjoyable.

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