NAQP Phone Today!

With any luck I will be able to participate 7-8 hours today in the NCJ NAQP Contest, the phone edition. I had a good amount of luck a few weeks back in the CW contest, just missing my goal of 200 Qs, but improving on my 2009 score. Today, I look to work many much needed states (hello, NV, WV and DE) on a number bands as I look to have a good showing personally and for the NCCC (and my NCC Team, Team 4).

While I don’t intend on achieving any awards in the NAQP, I am looking at rounding out needed contacts for my ARRL Triple Play Award as well as my WAS (via LOTW) and my 5BWAS. A confirmation via LOTW has seemed to elude me since 2007. I have made a number of QSOs with Delaware, but none of them have confirmed via LOTW. I do have two QSL cards to show for my efforts on 20M. But in this digital age, I would like to confirm DE digitally. Along with DE, I am missing AR, NV, OK, RI, SC and WV for the Triple Play. I am baffled as to why NV has been so difficult to confirm. During the NAQP CW I was able to finally confirm NV on CW. All in all I am short 5 CW contacts, 7 phone and 4 digital.

With the exception of 10M, I have a very good start on my 5BWAS. 20M is short Delaware (but I have confirmed it via QSL card). 15M I have made 25 contacts, 43 on 40M and 33 on 80M. Not sure I will be home in time to get some work in on 15M, but this is where I will start if the propagation is still there 2100Z. As for 10M I am sure I am somewhat out of luck until the solar cycle improves. I have confirmed 7 of the western states, so there is a start. Since I don’t have 160M, 10 will be the 5th band I will confirm in the future.

I looked back at the NAQP (phone) last year, which occurred in February and August I scored 408 (24 Qs) and 1215 (45 Qs) points. I will be able to double the combined efforts of last year in a hour or two. With phone being easier for me to run (as opposed to CW) I should be able to secure a frequency and put together a few hours on 15M or 20M and go right past last year’s total. I would like to surpass 200 Qs with 50 mults (approximately 10000 points).

I got involved in a “grey area” during the CW contest. As I do before any contest I go through the rules, since there could be some updates. NAQP does not allow the use of a cluster for a single op effort, but it says nothing about spotting those you contact. So, like a good amateur I was spotting everything I worked. The difference was I was not using the cluster to aid me, as it is against the rules and I was a single op. I posted this to the NCCC reflector and also contacted WA7BNM at the NCJ regarding the rule and he said, “Single ops can post spots to clusters, as long as they don’t have access to cluster posts while doing so.” Although just to keep me “clean” I won’t even spot this week in order to help the M/2 stations in the club. Best of luck to all, see you on the bands!

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