SO2R Ability

It comes as no surprise the real way to increase your contest scores quickly is to run two transceivers simultaneously in what is terms SO2R or “single operator two radios.” While my skills are nowhere up to par to run this setup when in a CW contest, I thought it would be rather easy to accomplish in a RTTY contest, since you do not have to decode what is coming over the air. It was with that and the upcoming RTTY contests I decided to look into the possibility.

I posted to the NCCC Reflector and received some great information from many experienced and winning RTTY operators, Ed, W0YK (P49X) and Iain, N6ML come to mind. While I have the equipment to run SO2R, there were some issues that I never thought of. There are two main problems I currently face. The first is the size of my lot and the fact I have two antennas (hex beam and vertical) in close proximity to each other (30? apart). The next is providing isolation between the two transceivers, which would require bandpass filters and notching stubs.

With contesting season in full swing I have decided this is something to explore further come summer. I don’t want to compromise my current setup, when I have all the necessary parts in good, working order. Once I get my FT-1000MP back from being repaired, I will look at hooking both radios up, but won’t enter any contests as SO2R until next year. Hopefully I can work out the issues that were brought up on the reflector.

My reason for doing this is to increase my score in the limited time I usually get to operate. It would be great to work both 15M and 20M or 40M and 80M simultaneously. This would definitely boost my score. While I would still not look at winning any awards I would achieve my personal goals I set on a contest basis, something that is very important to me. It would also increase my scores, which would contribute to the club score, as it is always nice to see the NCCC on top of whatever category we are entered in.