Tanked. Again!

No, not tanked as in too much beer, although the beer tool was involved, I was able to spend a few hours today on the back end of the Cougar. I pulled the tail lights and bumper and started some general cleaning. The inside of the trunk is coming along, albeit slowly. I was skimming though Mercury Cougar Forums looking for alternate ways to clean and insulate the trunk.

After a few minutes of searching I was able to come up with a few ideas, including insulation from Jegs, using spray adhesive or insulation from one of the big box stores. I stopped by Lowe’s today and did not see anything I could use for insulation. Think I’ll spend the extra money and order from Jegs or Summit, if I go that route.

I found the trunk kit that will be laid after the trunk is complete. Of course this is a long way off since I am still pulling parts off the car in order to prep it for bodywork and paint. Not really quite sure of the details, the when and where. But surfing the net and talking to other car enthusiasts my ballpark figure for the bodywork and paint should come close.

Nonetheless it was nice to finish the house chores (aka honey do list) and spend a few minutes doing some minor work on the cat.


Recently…well, the past few years I have not had much free time at all while home on my days off. Thankfully, it turned out a strong odor from the Cougar’s fuel tank allowed me some play time with the kitty. This was on my to do list anyway, but the continued frown from the wife played into my decision to drop the tank.

It was relatively easy…that is once I was able to siphon the fuel from the tank. Let me tell you, unleaded regular tastes like shit! The fumes were even worse, but I was able to lower the level enough, and removed all the screws holding the tank and lifted it out without a problem.

Taking a look at Mustangs Unlimited I can buy a replacement 16 gallon tank with drain plug and sending unit for $114.99. Of course being over sized, it will cost a bit more money to ship it, but well worth the price. Now that the tank it out a piece of plywood sits, covering the hole. I might even start cleaning out the trunk and prepping it to shoot it with some sort of coating.

Netflix Anyone?

Anyone out there use the service known as Netflix and have any stories about the service they want to share? I recently joined and the trial period runs two weeks. I just received my first three DVDs this morning in the mail, as told I would via an automated response I received via e-mail.

I have already created my queues for DVDs to be sent to my residence, as well as being able to watch instantly. That for me was the kicker that made me break down and give it a whirl. Sure many of the movie, some 12,000 titles are not the newest releases or even the best movies, but the fact they are on-demand is a great service. Comcast, when we had them piped into the house had a nice on-demand selection, unlike their rival, ATT, which has an absolutely crappy on-demand library.

At home, the wireless network provides top quality video (no, not HD quality, but clear) into my laptop and later this year through the Xbox 360. This too, was another selling point for me. As much TV as the wife and I watch, this service will come in handy.

I say TV because they have many of the serials we watch, sure as CSI, Monk, Eureka and others! The movie selections will come in handy as well. I don’t believe this will stop me from buying used DVDs and adding to the 1000 I already own, but it will provide a service I have never used before. Let me know what you think about Netflix.

We Go As Roma Goes!

Okay, so the adult soccer…err…football league I am involved is not Serie A. Not even college caliber. I am sure 15-20 years ago some of these players were good college players. I have noticed a few standout midfielders and strikers the past three weeks. This week it was great to see AS Roma notch their first Serie A victory of the new campaign. Sure, they are still trailing the likes of Juve and Inter, but they will move up the table after this week.

Our outdoor team moved up this week with our first win after drawing the first week and loosing a tough game last week. Hurts when you let in only one goal, but the offense cannot muster quality shots on goal. Thankfully this is NOT the indoor team I am on and our midfielders and strikers have good touch and control and know how to find the back of the net. That was the case on Sunday, where a late second half goal was enough for us to pull out a victory.

Nine weeks remaining in the season and we are not doing too bad. From what I was told we are doing much better than the last time we were in the top flight. I guess they had no dedicated goalkeeper, which made things difficult and there was no such thing as a close loss.

What makes this league enjoyable, aside from winning, is the group of individuals involved. Many are married with kids and it turns into a family affair each Sunday for a few hours. After the game, there is beer and soft drinks, as well as food. We have a BBQ one time during the season as well.

Another two games this week, indoor action on Wednesday, which I assume will be a lose unless our field players can actually find the net and not the one that surrounds the boards of the pitch, but the one hanging in the back of the goal. I am looking more forward to the early outdoor game. Should be a great time.

Reaction or Overreaction?

I have written about this previously, train operators using their mobile devices in order to text while operating. Although looking at my past Standing Room Only entries, I don’t see my words. Yet, it goes without saying, I have observed train operators using their mobile devices while moving. Smart? Nope, not at all. Stupid on all accounts and in violation of a regulation at BART.

With the recent Union Pacific and Metrolink head on accident last week, the state is bringing down the hammer. California Bans Texting by Operators of Trains, the headline reads as, “emergency order was passed unanimously by the five-person California Public Utilities Commission, which noted the lack of federal or state rules regarding the use of such devices by on-duty train personnel..” Again, one would think it goes without saying, if you are operating a train, plane, automobile you have a responsibility to operate that vehicle safely. Yet common sense is not so common and in this case does not prevail. More regulation from the California PUC. Is it necessary? Or like many thing government regulatory bodies do, overreact. See 9/11, the DHS and TSA.

Rules and regulations are set forth for a reason when an employee is operating a train or any other vehicle. It is their responsibility to the patrons, to the company and to themselves to do it in a manner that is safe and not to have distractions that could impair judgment. Unfortunately it usually takes a catastrophic event, like an accident or a 9/11 for policy to be immediately altered. But is is going to correct the problem? I doubt it. Back to the original question at hand, was this really a problem that needed regulating?