The Las Vegas Stink

So I spent about 36 hours this past weekend in Vegas. You know the sleazy city, whose slogan is, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I left Friday morning before sunrise from Oakland and arrived about 8am for our 25th anniversary fantasy football draft. Yes, we draft poolside in Vegas! Owners arrive on Friday, the draft is Saturday and most leave Sunday morning.

This year, we returned after a year off from Vegas due to other family commitments. I know my wife was not really thrilled at the prospect of my return to Vegas, even if it was just for a single night. But being the truthful and honest husband I am, I told her what some of the guys do (read strip clubs). Most of the time is spent gambling and hanging out poolside with an alcoholic beverage in your hand. Although this year was a bit different.

Friday morning was quite uneventful, which I spent most of the time by myself, as the two other guys there were getting full body massages fro two hours. Did I mention we stayed at The Palms? So I spent much of the morning by myself, I did hit the roulette table and win a small bit of money, nothing to write home about.

Many of the guys started rolling in about 1pm or 2pm. After the massages we went to the pool, but ended up at a $15 minimum blackjack table (single deck). I don’t play the game and not too fond of it. But I ended up costing my buddy a few hundred. Hey blame him for throwing $100-$300 a hand out there. Guess I should learn more about the game and know when to hit and when to stay.

By 3pm all of the owners were at the blackjack table and five of us were playing. I finally backed out and let one of the other guys play since I was not making any money. That even we spent at N9NE Steakhouse with a bill of $1300! The steak, sides and appetizers ARE worth the money! Great food, great fun and great friends.

I was trying to figure it out, but I think I have known most all of these guys 25+ years. We started fantasy football before many even knew what it was. I guess if we smart we would have started our own fantasy football service, one in which others came to us for information. Why we never thought of this years ago is beyond me.

Saturday night is pretty much a blur. I know I had a few too many scotch and waters, lost my ass at roulette and I think I wandered the casino aimlessly watching others hits their numbers. I did not sit back down after I got up. I did find the rest of the group playing blackjack and not fairing much better.

Saturday was the draft, poolside in two cabanas that overlooked the back section of the pool. While it did not look as crowded as it was Friday, it was still well over 100. I came home red, which I knew I would. But we spent the better part of 4 hours and 20 rounds to finish off the 2008-2009 TFL Draft. There were some nice surprises and some downright dumb picks. Yet that is part of the fun of the entire season, getting together for the draft.

While I wanted to stay the full 3 days, I was ready to leave. There seems to be a stink that follows you out of Sin City. Spending hours in a smoke filled casino with people drinking continuously and throwing all sorts of money on the table for a chance at much more. So while it was hard to leave and say goodbye for another year, I don’t think I would have had much fun Saturday night. I was bored with gambling since my numbers were not doing me much of a favor I did not want to piss away what money I won. We had already done the N9NE Steakhouse, so I guess it was a smart move to come home.

As for next year, I am thinking about bringing my wife. She is not that fond of my going without her. Understandable. I would like her to meet them, not that it would change anything, but I do think we would have more fun together for a night or two in Vegas. I am sure the entire football would laugh at me, but hey they do now so nothing would really change.

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