Tower Talk Continued

Okay, so my vertical antenna is not really a tower, nonetheless I spent about 30 minutes this morning removing the PVC flagpole from the antenna. I got a better idea as to what the 72″ tube broke. I used two screws in order to connect the anchor, which allows you to tie the flag off. It seems the continuous movement back and forth of the screw that extended inside the PVC pipe wore down the aluminum. So it was really just a matter of time before it failed.

I have decided to move forward with my petition…actually proposal sounds better that I will present to the Board of Directors of my HOA on Monday. Tomorrow I will erect the antenna to its full height (approx. 24′) and then move to different positions around my house (front & back) taking snapshots to show just how much of the antenna will be seen (none) from the front of the house. The backyard is a different story, thankfully the backyard opens to a main, two-lane road with houses on the opposite side.

I have spent a few hours the past couple of days working on the proposal. I am not really fond of the wording, but will continue to refine it before Monday. I also intend approaching my immediate neighbors with a petition, asking for their support and signatures to allow this to be done. I will include snapshots for my neighbors and answer any questions the have.

With any luck the outcome of the meeting will be positive and I will be allowed to raise my antenna in the coming weeks. If my proposal is denied, I will escalate this to the next level and start citing homes in our association that are not in compliance with the CC&Rs. If the HOA is going to pick and choose what rules are enforced then I will take issue and make sure every rule is followed. Simply, I will become a real asshole. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that because of work I have done in support of my proposal.