Am I a good dad?

I ask myself this question all the time. I have nearly welled up inside, asking my dad, “How do I know I will be a good dad?” Then I remember what my father did for me growing up and how he approached me during different situations that helped shape (or screwed) my development.

I just happened upon an on MSN titled, “A Dad’s Guide To Anger Management. “Dad, you’re really big and scary when you yell.” Hopefully this is something my son does not say to me. My wife is continuously reminds me, “Zachary is only 2 years old, he doesn’t know any better yet.” True, very true.

This article was somewhat of an eye opener as how to approach anger and control it before your child hits you with a statement like, “Dad, you’re really big and scary when you yell.” I don’t want to be big or scary. Anyway, if you are a father of a youngster, check out the MSN article.